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    Hello It's Me RS From Sri Lanka

    Hello everyone it's me rS from sri lanka. I was not able to access this site for sometime due to technical reasons I guess, but that period was very hard fro me. I missed this site like I miss a family member. My mum, 65 years old paraplegic is still the same, not much recovery. But she is talking and has a bed sore which we treat with the best care we can get. Now the main problem is moving her. although she is very thin it is very difficult to move her from bed to the chair or to the comode. All of us I know ( me, my sister and my father ) has hurt our backs even though we do not say it out ) I feel so sorry for my mum, she is telling us that she is a burden to us all, no matter how much we console her.

    Now it is the ramazan fasting season, so she is more sad as she does not want to trouble us. everytime she is asking us to give her some tablets so that she can close her eyes and dye. then she says she will not feel any pain and she cannot go on like this anymore. In our religion she also knows that it is the almighty god who has the right to take a life. she is so depressed she is telling this.

    Sometimes when i am talking to her she seems o.k. but most of the time she hates herself for what happened. she says that if she has not gone on the certain trip last year this would not have happened.

    I hope she will be alright coz I love her soo much and to see her in this state is killing me

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