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Thread: Nurse, can I feel below level of injury

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    Nurse, can I feel below level of injury

    On my post below about NS told me I can't feel below level of injury I didn't get a reply from a nurse. So I will ask again.

    If I am a T8 complete, if L2 is not fused and it is pinching a nerve will I be able to feel it hurt??? Can a loose vertebra cause pain or pinch a nerve and will it cause pain to a complete para? It is not fused and should I have it fused?
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    I'm no nurse but I don't think it would hurt. I often run into things when I'm in my wheelchair when doing about 10mph and my toes are the first to hit and I don't feel anything. I hit them HARD too. They begin to spasm but don't hurt. Just my .02

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    I am technically a complete also and I feel things. If I bang something that should have hurt an AB then most times I get tingling or pins/needle type pain. If it hurts you should have it checked out. Complete/incomplete is not always accurate from what I have read on here. Everyone is different.
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    In my experience, everybody with a spinal cord injury is unique. Some people have "strange" feelings below an otherwise complete injury that they learn to interpret accurately. But other people don't feel anything. So although the general rule is that if you have a complete injury (ASIA A) then you won't feel anything below the injury, your experience is the final judge.


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    i'm inc. an my feeling below injury level is really weird. i can feel my back/hip aching, i can feel touch but i can't feel outside pain or the difference between hot/cold. i burnt my ankles once an didn't have a clue till the aide told me the next mornin. had a baclofen pump put in/took out and nothing as far as pain.

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    I know I can't feel my legs when I touch them and I can't feel it when I knocked my toenail off. I was just wondering if I could feel it if a nerve is pinched.
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    mary, I'm supposedly T4/5 complete. About a year ago I busted L4, and I can feel the pain very vividly, too much so. It starts right where L4 is and radiates up to my first level of injury, and joins the pain I have there, which spreads all around my chest/midsection area.

    I can also feel pinpricks now all the way down to the L level, whereas before my pinprick sensation ended at T4/5. I don't know what's going on, but "complete" isn't complete always, in my book. The constant flaming pain I have above and below my level of injury tells me that, along with the new level of pinprick sensation.
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