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    New Chair

    I know this question has probably been posted 100 times but here it goes. I am looking at getting a second chair, most likely titanium but the question is: Rigid or Folding? I have an Invacare a4 now and it's the only chair I have had. A folding chair would give us more room in the back of a Tahoe but, do I lose anything in ride and/or comfort?

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    Of course you do, a rigid is more .... hmmmm "rigid", so you loose less energy when pushing, it's also lighter and looks better, it's less noisy and so on.
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    Rigid, Hands Down. Folders Are Shit rep
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    If you're going with titanium (which i love) don't bother with a folding one-it kind of defeats the benefits of of a ti chair. Definately, definately rigid. Depending on your size, you can get a folding back to decrease the amount of space the chair takes up, but the frames themselves aren't that big.

    Good luck with your new chair.

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