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Thread: I'll show you my shower!

  1. #11 you my shower And I'll show you my rubber ducky.. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

    But seriously. Beautiful job on the bathroom remodel. Congratulations Olossogirl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly
    I know this is supposed to be about useability and not as much about looks but I LOVE the tile and designs.
    But of course it's about how things look, too. I don't know about you, but I spend a fair amount of time in my bathroom and it's also one of the rooms in your home that visitors are likely to see. If you're going to go to the trouble of totally redoing a bathroom, then how it looks is likely to be as big a concern as how it works.

    Which leads me to my question. Has anyone seen a bath or shower bench or chair that doesn't look like it would fit in at a veterans' hospital? For instance, the one pictured in that beautifully tiled bathroom. It's less hideous than most, but it hardly blends in with that room. I haven't found anything for sale that looks any better than that, but I was wondering if anyone had seen something nicer on a design show or something.


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    those sinks in the picture are really awesome .. it's funny because I purchased the same exact sink ! it's a Kohler DemiLav Wading Pool lavatory model K-2833 - I chose a different faucet however.

    Tiger - I know what you mean about the showerchair, originally we wanted to incorporate some sort of tiled bench just for the look but it would not have been functional/comfortable for my husband so we kept the bench I was hoping to find something not as much of an eyesore for his next showerchair but it does not seem like there is much choice! please let me know if you find a "fashionable" chair! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Racing
    Which leads me to my question. Has anyone seen a bath or shower bench or chair that doesn't look like it would fit in at a veterans' hospital?
    it would even help if they'd make em in a different color than white or bone.

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    Great job!! I'm also in the process of constructing my bathroom as an "add-on" room to my home. Right now it's about 90% complete. Coincidently, we installed the exact same floor tile as you!!

    Sometimes you can't get where you're going until you've been where you've been.

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    Nice tile job! And I think I'm in love, a girl that's into construction . I have the same bench also, I think it is the best out there, or at least not a rickety POS like everything else. Mine just sits in the tub though, no spiffy digs like you guys have.

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    What a beautiful job you did on your shower! Thanks for sharing the pictures and also the one from Extreme Makeover ~ I'm saving them all in a folder of ideas if and when I get an accessible bathroom...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64
    it would even help if they'd make em in a different color than white or bone.


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    One of the few that I have seen in other colors. We have one (from Rolli-Moden, which is going out of business in the USA ):


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    Beautiful shower, you guys have great taste! Here's a bad pic of mine...
    I'm not putting up handrails either, gotta return them. I had my floor lower than the rooms floor. Mine here at this house is a raised floor and I get water in the room all the time. The floor is sloped all around toward the drain, which will be behind me as I sit, so my feet are high and 'dry'. I hate sitting in a pool of shower water, lol.
    The builder put my cubby hole at the back, oops, so I'll probably attach a shelf to the front wall later on.
    I made my bench years ago. I will be making another when I get moved, with an added back that the present one lacks. I just have my back against the wall now.

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