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Thread: lost of 1 of our own

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    lost of 1 of our own

    In memory of QUEEN I just got the news from her son that she is on life support. Last night she had a brain anurism. She is only on life support because she is a organ donor. Please pray for her family and her soul.

    She will be still watching over us

    I am going to miss her so much anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    I cannot believe that you mean beautiful smiling Queen with the cat on her lap. This is dreadfully sad news. Her family will miss her so much, everyone will. A lovely lady.

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    I havent been on in a few days and I sign on and this is the first post I read. I am so sorry. I'm in shock. My heart goes out to her and all those close to her. I was lucky enough to have spoken to her in chat and she was a great spirit. I'm so sorry Anty, I know you were very close.

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    OMG ... just got news of a good coworker's stroke as well. Not good!

    Queen and her family will be in my prayers. I'm in shock ...
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    Oh man! this is awful !!!!!!!!!! Queen was a good lady and a fun one to have here at CC. She will be Greatly missed.
    My heart goes out to her family and freinds as well as her being a fellow hoosier.
    God Bless her!

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    What?! I am in disbelief. My thoughts go to you, Anty and her family.

    I already miss her reasoning and humor and I never met her.
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    i cannot belive ,i feel very sorry.i will pray for her and her family.
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    So very sorry.
    Condolences to all Queen has touched in her life.
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    How very, very sad.

    Please add my name to the book of condolences.

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    ..... no no no .... the light has dimmed ... I'm so sorry for your loss Anty .... I am sending prayers for strength to her family .. CC will be so much less for the loss of her prescence !! I simply can't believe it !!

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