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Thread: College students ~ how's it going?

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    Question College students ~ how's it going?

    How about telling us how your college experience has been so far? If you're living away, what's that been like? I'm interested in knowing how you've made the transition...I'm hoping great and that you're having fun. Your reply may encourage others to consider it as well. Keep up the good work!

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    12 hours this semester and 15 hours in the fall....and then I'm DONE. Well, at least with my undergrad. I'm going to try to take the GRE in the coming months and hopefully I'll do well enough to get into the MPA (masters in public administration) program at NCSU.

    My college experience has been surprisingly pleasant. Other than a few battles with the athletic department, the University has done a really good job of making things easier on me (priority registration - even before the doctoral students, etc...).

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    I went to college for 2 years and now Im a second year Electrical engineering student at UBC... except one of the prof who officially didn't let me take chemistry cause Im a quad, all other prof were AMAZING... so understanding... giving you extra time to write, accomadate lab so you can do the experiement... overall, I'm enjoying school... Of course college is small so easier to wheel around but university is way more fun cause at least your classmates are bit older and around your age if you are od like me , college kids are all 18 and if you are over 20 you feel

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