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Thread: Creaky axles and e-motion wheels

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    Creaky axles and e-motion wheels

    Some of you may have seen my other thread where one of my e-motion wheels packed in and I fell out of my chair.

    Well it has nearly happened about another five times today. It has coincided with my chair axles becoming really creaky and making a horrendous noise whenever I turn. I'm not completely sure but I suspect that the creaking is popping the central battery on the wheel off its contacts and literally switching it off mid push.

    I have tried swapping batteries over as I have two sets but it still seems to be the left wheel giving me problems. The battery doesn't seem flush to the wheel any more and although it is fully charged, it is as if the contacts suddenly separate. This causes the wheel to literary switch off and swings me sideways, upsetting my balance. It's really beginning to annoy me because if it happens on a downward slope I'm fucked - I will end up in the traffic.

    I called the company that supplied them today and an engineer was supposed to get back to me but hasn't. I suspect that even when they do it will take them a few days to come out.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Does anyone know why my chair has suddenly developed this horrible creaking? I'm worried it's because I've got too heavy for it!
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    I had a problem that sounds similar to yours. The wheelchair repair guy had never seen a problem like it. My problem was that there is a metal piece on the axle that has "teeth" on it. The teeth lock into the back of the hub of the wheel. Somehow, I managed to break this metal piece and the wheel wasn't attached properly. I had the same problem with the battery turning on and off randomly and knocked a girl over at school because of it. Be careful, because if its the same thing I had, the metal piece will eventually fall off and the wheel will come out of the axle. Lucky for me, my brother caught the chair before I could fall. It took about 3 weeks to fix because I needed a new axle. Hopefully this helps.

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    Yup, e-motions have their flaws for sure....I have to go in and get the axle screws worked on every couple months....

    And I haven't found a solution to the batteries yet...

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    Mine would creak from time to time, then the creaking would go away. I wonder if it relates to my recent problem? One of my e.motion axles loosened up so bad that the teeth weren't making contact with the wheel, making a loud grinding sound (the teeth skipping in the hub). Thankfully it happened at home. The downside was that the axle was so loose that the quick release wouldn't work. I had to remove the wheel and axle bracket as one piece and I sent it to the company for repair. Hopefully I'll get it back soon. All I can say is keep them maintained. I was told they're supposed to be thoroughly checked every 2 years.

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