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Thread: Bust my nose....... guess how?

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    Bust my nose....... guess how?

    Yes, I fell out of my chair again......... first time in months and the first time I have done it since I have lived on my own.

    I was even sober. Pushing to work this morning and one of my emotion wheels packed in, meaning that the chair swung to one side and I lost my balance, just failing to hook my arm round the push handle at the last-minute to keep myself upright.

    Because I fell out sideways I broke my fall with my arms but still managed to smash my nose and forehead on the floor.

    Luckily there was lots of people on the way to work to help me up. I knew I hadn't broken anything below my level of injury so I carried on to work and got lots of tea and sympathy - they even put a plate of biscuits on the desk!
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    Aww! Damn, Paul. I hope it heals quickly.

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    i feel sorry paul.quick healing.
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    Aaaarrrggghhh. Audible gasp'n'groan from this side of The Pond. Can you find somebody to kiss it and make it better?

    Seriously. That looks AWFUL. Milk it baybeeee, milk it!

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    Silver lining - you didn't break your arm. Start working on your hero stories. Remember, never let the truth ruin a good story.

    Ice and analgesics are your friend. Heal fast.

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    Damn! Get better soon.

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    *groans* Paul aka The Red-Hootered One, I knew it wouldn't be long before you did another chair-dive.

    I'd tell you to get a grip. Not literally...that would be in bad taste.

    Now on to the really important stuff: what kind of biscuits did you get?

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    That sucks Paul. Sorry to hear it. My boyfriend did something similar rolling out his front door. Unfortunately no one was around and he had to call the local paramedics to get him back up and moving.

    Take care of yourself, grab and extra pint as consolation.

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    now say the line "I coulda been a contendah'

    it may hurt, but it looks impressive!

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