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Thread: Friday Night Lights

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    Friday Night Lights

    It's a new Show on NBC. I DVR it and watch it last night. The first show the Star Quarterback makes a hard tackle and breaks his neck. It's going to be interesting to see how they show him in the other shows. It looks like he's going to be a C-6 or so quad. It's on Tuesday night and they reshowed it last night. Check it out. Looks like a great show!

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    I also liked it and I'm curious as to how they are going to address the issue.

    I'm not short im funsized!

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    it was decent. i look forward to seeing how it plays out..

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    Yep. I told my wife the superstar was going to get hurt and the back up would be coming in. When I saw the hit I said "Welcome to the SCI unit of Shriner's Hospital For Crippled Children".
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    you can watch the full episode here:

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    I watched. But when the surgery started, I switched over to "Dancing with The Stars." Too distressing for me. It will be interesting to see how the SCI is handled in future episodes.

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    I hope as the "Coach", this actor puts alittle more expression and forcefulness into this role than he did in that tv show with McGintey's Bar, the Newspaper and the cat. The cat had more personality and lines than he did.

    He had that same confused look on his face in the show last night, but I'll be watching just to see how "the star athelete" comes out.
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    i got to be an extra on a few episodes. I'm the only girl in a chair.... should be in two weeks and again 3 weeks after that
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    Great I'll be watching for you! It was a really good show the other night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glittergirl
    i got to be an extra on a few episodes. I'm the only girl in a chair.... should be in two weeks and again 3 weeks after that
    That is so cooool......I will also be watching for you because I watch the show every Tuesday.
    I'm not short im funsized!

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