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Thread: Chronic constipation

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    Chronic constipation

    Is an ongoing issue. I think Debbie's tried every brand-name product on the market and - kinda like the Three Bears and Goldilocks - some are toooo strong, some are tooooo weak, and some don't do nothin' at all.

    Is there anything new on the market - prescription or otherwise - or perhaps an alternative product - that anyone has tried successfully that we may not have heard about?

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    I'm the Queen, or I was anyway of the big C, since the high fiber and oceans of H2o recommended at rehab didn't work for me Doc put me on
    Zelnorm and Glyco-lax after my hospitalization from an impaction.

    What a blessing for me, closest to normal I'll ever get. I'm sure the Glyco
    is much like you Metamucil or Citrocel but by rx, believe it or not, it's less
    expensive than the same quantity of M or C.

    Just going from my experience!
    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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