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    Christopher Reeve vigil..


    On Tuesday October 10, 2006, at schools across the nation, members of
    the Student Society for Stem Cell Research will hold “Nothing is
    Impossible” candlelight vigils to honor the life of Christopher Reeve on
    the anniversary of his passing. One such vigil will be held at the
    University of Georgia in room C127 of the Life Sciences Building, at 7

    “It is very tempting to give up, yet we have to find the will to keep
    going. But even when we discover what motivates us, we realize that we
    can’t go the distance alone.” Christopher Reeve

    One year after the launching of the Campaign to Cure Paralysis, on
    October 10, 2005, there is still no cure for human spinal cord injury.
    Meanwhile, many advances have been made in animal models. Research at
    the University of California- Irvine, in Hans Keirstead's lab, has been
    effective in demonstrating functional recovery after a damaged spinal
    cord. The striking advances in Keirstead's lab used to make Christopher
    Reeve wistfully ponder, “Oh to be a rat.” In the summer of 2006, Douglas
    Kerr of John Hopkins made national headlines using embryonic stem cells
    and a cocktail of growth factors to restore motor function in paralyzed
    rats. Geron plans human clinical trials for spinal cord injury, using
    embryonic stem cells, within a year or so. All of this is very promising
    that a cure for spinal cord injury is inevitable.

    As part of the Campaign to Cure Paralysis, the Student Society for Stem
    Cell Research will hold its Third Annual “Nothing Is Impossible”
    candlelight vigils at campuses throughout the United Sates on October
    10, 2006. The C2CP is a national effort involving SSSCR chapters at
    leading national universities. The C2CP is a strategic alliance with
    national patient advocacy organizations, including the Daniel Heumann
    Fund for Spinal Cord Research, Cure Paralysis Now, Stem Cell Action
    Network and the Genetics Policy Institute, which promote a rational and
    ethical framework for stem cell research. The C2CP's mission is to move
    the center of mass of public perception and to habituate the public
    towards viewing spinal cord injury and other causes of paralysis as
    curable. A cure to spinal cord injury is a challenge to humanity and one
    of our greatest milestones in scientific achievements.

    Just as President John F. Kennedy challenged the nation to go to the
    moon, we must now challenge our country to recognize the urgency to make
    paralysis a treatable condition that needs a cure. An Apollo style
    project dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injury is the type
    of energy that the U.S. government should promote and support.

    “On behalf of the Christopher Reeve Foundation, we are delighted to hear
    students across the country are honoring Chris today by launching a
    Campaign to Cure Paralysis,” said Kathy Lewis, President and CEO of the
    Christopher Reeve Foundation. “Emboldened by Christopher’s
    determination, inspired by his courage, impassioned by his vision, and
    in his honor I say to you, Go Forward.”

    The Christopher Reeve Foundation joins the Student Society for Stem Cell
    Research in support of legislation that would remove the current
    restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research,
    advancing all avenues of research at the National Institutes of Health,
    and actively working to pass the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act in this

    Our generation is ready to carry the flame of Christopher Reeve’s dream
    for a cure to paralysis.

    The Student Society for Stem Cell Research is an international
    organization dedicated to advancing scientific research for cures. The
    SSSCR network spans over 100 institutions, 35 states, and 10 countries.
    SSSCR is a special project of the Genetics Policy Institute and a member
    of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research.

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    Thanks jeff for the info.Damn--Tito vs Shamrock.
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