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Thread: Love or Hate the cold?

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    Love or Hate the cold?

    Love or Hate?

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    I don't mind being cold outside as long as I've got enough layers on....But I hate being cold inside....Like the winter cold doesn't bother me as much as the frosty summer A/C does....Odd I know

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    Hate a humid cold and love a "dry" cold LOL

    We have humid cold here....which works on the bones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs
    Love or Hate?
    Hot and cold both suck. I have a really narrow range of comfort when it comes to temperature that doesn't seem to correspond to what anyone else is feeling at any given time. When everyone else is hot, I'm cold and when everyone else is cold, I seem to be hot.

    Cold is usually easier to deal with than hot though. And chances are, I won't be anywhere that is so cold it can kill me, but it's not uncommon for the temperature to climb into a dangerous range for me.


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    Hate, detest and abhor the cold for myself - I'd rather be in Tahiti, thanks.

    Worse for Debbie - makes her bones ache, pain issues much worse in winter.

    Heat makes her sick, too, though, so spring and fall work best.

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    Like the cold. Love's a little too strong..

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    Hate the cold.I get stiff like a board.
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    Hate, hate, hate the cold with a passion.. i stay uncomfy when it's cold..

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    Absolutely hate the cold. Chair's handrims get cold - constantly losing air in tires (when going inside where it's warm) - smack my hand while getting my chair out and it hurts more 'cause I'm cold. Absolutely HATE WITH A PASSION coming home from afternoon shift at 3am and the snow is whipping in your face and the car is sliding all over. 7am dayshift is almost as bad - especially when it's frozen rain.

    GRRRRR Getting mad just thinking about what's coming in the next few months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkeyed_daisy
    Hate a humid cold and love a "dry" cold LOL

    We have humid cold here....which works on the bones.
    I second that. actually love snow and crisp weather. I'm weird. LOL

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