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Thread: Chevorlet Van and Steering column

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    Chevorlet Van and Steering column

    Hello All,

    I just bought a new Chevorlet Express Van and had a Ricon Uni-Lite lift installed along with door openers, etc. The Ricon six way power seat the conversion company put in caused them to shift the driver seat about 2 inches to the right of the steering column. Therefore, I am not centered with the steering wheel and feel somewhat off kilter when driving. Does anybody have this issue on their Chevrolet Van and is there anything that can be done ? Thanks.


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    They probably moved the seat do to a hump in the floor under the seat. I have a 2001 express and when they mounted my seat (don't think its a ricon), they mounted seat base at an angle, rear of base closer to center of van, front of base close to drivers side of van almost touching the drivers door. Then adjusted turning mechanism to stop in proper place so i'm straight and centered with steering wheel. As I said above I don't think mine is a Ricon base but the installer should be able to change things to center you anyway. Good Luck

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    my seat is off center in mine too, there is a wire harness coming thru the floor in mine..they didn't want to move it..i'm taking back in tomorrow, they are going to move it, i can't drive off center and about 15 degrees to right......

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    justadildo.................where are you taking it ? I live in the Dallas area also. Thanks.


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