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Thread: A really petty gripe, can anyone relate? (m)

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    DA6: Why would you think your mother would hate you? Because you need things you cannot do yourself?

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    I hope my post wasn't taken in ways reflecting my son's need as demanding or what have you...DA6, needs vary as ways about us do too. My son needed me for quite some time but eventually didn't in many ways. I had contined to stay available 24/7 because it had become my routine to do so while he had found his way back to near independence but still needed my assistance for therapies, etc. For a long time I think I had been so caught up in his getting to that point but was still so focused on good health and maintaining/gaining strengths that I had forgotten what it was like to just do for me when 'I' felt like it, if that makes sense...and when I was finally re-learning my own ways of independence [as he pointed out I needed to do]...we were bound to hit heads when it came to therapy needs and availability because of different hours being kept, etc. And yet as he said himself, he hadn't meant to take advantage of me but did so without realizing it at that point. Typical though with teenagers/young adults and parents, needs or not.
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