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Thread: WooHoo!!! I'm Texas Bound!!!

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    Betheny is right Pappasito's is goood. Actually the Pappas family has a few restaurants, Pappadeux's(seafood) and a $$$ steakhouse called Pappas Bros., right near Tx Stadium.
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    You are talking to the world's pickiest eater...I'm getting better at trying new things, but I'm still pretty damn picky. Dad and I will be there Friday night til Monday afternoon. I'm sure we will eventually check out at least one Tex Mex place. Neither of us are a fan of Mexican unless it's just tacos, nachos, or salsa. Fish and seafood will never go near my mouth and if it even touches my food (like grilled on the same grill as my food) I WILL taste it and will cry! That has happened before!!! I sucked down my alcohol and didn't eat my steak. Dad tasted it and he is like yup, it tastes like fish. Total nightmare for me. I ended up ordering a desert for MY meal that night. Daddy loves fish and seafood.

    McDuff - We can do something in the afternoon if you like. I want to go tour the Stadium sometime in the afternoon, but they do that every hour til 4 PM so I can do that just about anytime. Depends on what time I want to wake up on Saturday. Rock on that we get to meet.

    Sounds like Saltgrass will be the place to eat supper on Saturday night. Everyone that wants to go PM me on a good time. 5, 6, or 7??

    So right now my list of people are Bryan (a friend from SD and now a Texan), CLC, McDuff, and olossgirl plus the people you bring with you. Might be a couple of more people, but they are last minute decisions as they are not sure they can get off of work. It will be a good time.
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    Just re-pm'ed you b4 reading this.

    I think a supper meetup sounds good, free you up to snooze in and still tour the stadium. If you're looking for headcount, wife and me.

    Call ya later in the week and make sure all is still a go for us, been working a lot of weekends(schedule crunch).
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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    I'm in DALLAS!! Haven't seen much of it other than the short drive from the airport to our hotel. I left Sioux Falls and the temp was 23 degrees and I was all bundled up in three layers of clothes and just before we got into Dallas the pilot said it was a beautiful 70 degree sunny day. He was right. I eventally took my hood off my head in the plane and then the whole hoodie when we landed.

    I'm not one of those people that have to turn their cell phones on the minute the plane lands. It's kind of nice just being away from all the ringing for a few hours, but there are people just waiting to turn their's on. I turned mine on after we got our luggage (very quick process) and went outside to enjoy the sunshine. When I turned it on I had a sweet southern welcome message from McDuff. I gave him a call and let him know I was in town. After that we got a cab, got to the hotel and while trying to figure out my internet connection I CRASHED on the bed for about 2 1/2 hours. I was up at 5:30 AM for our 8:20 AM flight which was delayed 2 1/2 hours. I slept as best I could on the plane.

    Still trying to arrange dinner plans with everyone. So far McDuff and wife and my friend Bryan are confirmed. Still waiting for Carl and oloss to get back to me. It'll be a fun party with whoever shows up. The more the merrier. I have my camera cord so you might see some pics before I head home.
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    we are in for supper .. I'll call you when we get closer to Dallas ... we will be going to the state fair.

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    Texas ROCKS ON!!! Had a YUMMY waiter, kissed Carl, showed some cleavage, wore a Cowboy hat and this was all pretty much just at dinner tonight with everyone. I'll fill in or the others will...depending on who gets on computer first. Wish I could have hung out with everyone longer. Hope they are having fun whereever they went. I'm thinking titty bar. I gotta get some sleep so I can get up early and get to the game.
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    We want dirt! lol Love it when CC'ers get together.
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    I've been kicking myself for not being in Dallas this weekend. I hope yall have big fun. This game is a win-win situation for Kristi....her Cowboys and David Carr.

    Enjoy Texas! It's a great state. I kinda shudder to think of Carl on the loose in Dallas...klutzy cowboy meets Sin City. Again.

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    Well Kristi, You were the Cowboys good luck charm today! Now I bet the real party begins Glad you got to see them win.

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    So Cold!!!

    I'm too FUCKING cold to party!!! My gosh was it cold. Cold coming from this South Dakota girl. I don't think it would have been too bad had I not gotten drenched about second quarter. I mean soaked to the core. I was still wet after the game and it just spit off and on after that one big down pour. Of course they came around with a garbage bag after I had been drenched. I still put it on. I was almost dry and then waiting for a cab we got rained on again. I came back to the hotel took off my hoodie, my Witten jersey, my long sleeve T, socks, and jeans and put on pajama bottoms and the new Cowboy's hoodie I bought yesterday and sat under the hair dryer for a good half hour. Now I am drinking hot chocolate (no butterscotch schnapps in it today) and just about at being warm. Nothing like catching pnemonia at a football game.

    The game was pretty exciting. First half was pretty boring as there was littlerly NO action on my side of the field. Cowboys kicked ONE field goal all of first half and it was on the other side. Took awhile for our defense to wake up, but props to them to holding Houston to 2 field goals. Having endzone seats was WAY cool, but nothing happened on my side of the endzone. One incomplete 3rd down pass to Terry Glenn and then they kicked a field goal. Witten got a few passes. One of my side and thought he was going to break through, but got tackled pretty hard. He didn't come back for a few plays which wasn't a big deal since it was 27-6 at that point in time. It rocked to see Romo play!! Crowd (I included) was booing Bledsoe quite a bit. We were also chanting Romoooo, Romoooo. T.O. had a big game. Can't wait to see the press conferences for the game. I knew Bledsoe and him would have big games against the Texans. If they didn't...then us Cowboy fans should be worried. We'll have to wait a couple of more weeks for Bledsoe to suck and maybe get replaces.

    I got a ton of pics and some short video clips. I will have to crop and zoom in on them as I didn't bring my automatic with the zoom. Kicking myself for not bringing that now since I saw a lot of zoom cameras. Once I get everything up and loaded I'll post em here. Guys will be happy...LOTS of cheerleader pics and I even got one to stop and pose. All I can say is HOLY BOOBIES on her Batman!!
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