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Thread: I am from germany

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    I am from germany


    my name is Ludger Kirchner, I am male, married, we have 2 children 24 and 22 years old and we have a little dog (yorkshire).

    I got a stroke in the year 01/04.
    It was a very heavy stroke. I was absolutely lamed for 6 months, only my eyes could I agitation.
    Now, after 2 1/2 years and two rehabilationen I could speak and dring again.

    I still sit in the invalid chair, but the first footfalls I am doeing now.

    I have 3 x 1 hour physiotherapy and 2 x 1/2 hour ergotherapy and 2 x 1 hour
    language teaching in the week.

    If someone is demand to contact me in Germany, please write under my email address

    I would be very happy about some sentences.

    I live nearbay the city of Cologne.

    Please, is it possible for you to look for a special stroke forum for me ?

    Thank you very much. -- sorry my english / amish is not very well

    best wishes


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    Welcome to our forums! We have at least 2 other people from Germany who are members, hopefully they will respond here too.

    For a stroke forum, you might want to look at these:;t=000183;p=0

    This forum has been down for a while and is just getting going again (unfortunately without previous messages) but you might want to give it a try:

    Here is another good resource:


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    Too bad you don´t live near me (Weiden i.d. Opf. Bayern). We have a lot of neurological equipment for stroke patients at our PT practice such as the GT-1 Gangtrainer and Nudelholz which you can see at

    Gibt es kein Reha mit gangtraining in Köln? Viel gluck und niemals aufgeben! Falls du in Bayern bist, kannst du es ausprobieren.
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    Vilkommen! And that is all of my German!

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