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Thread: Need info re:TBI

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    Need info re:TBI

    A family friend was injured in a motorcycle accident several weeks ago. The doctors diagnosis states a hemmoragic stroke. They have him sedated and have tried several times to reduce his meds but his ICP (Intra Cranial Pressure) goes right back up. It seems like a vicious cycle and we're wondering what to expect. He is intubated and has movement throughout his body but it appears to be somewhat compromised on one side. Has anyone had this experience and if so, how long was it until the ICP was controlled?

    He was airlifted to a Level II Trauma hospital but is not close to home. The doctors will not move him until they can get the brain to stop swelling.

    Everyone here is such a great resource for information, I thought I'd see if anyone has some information they could share. Unfortunately,SCI and TBIs often go together so I'm hoping someone has some advice.

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    I am sorry about your friend. It sounds like he has a very bad TBI. I assume they had him on steroids to try to reduce the swelling. Did he have an implanted ICP monitor? This is highly recommended.

    He should remain at the Level II trauma center until he is ready for rehab, and then he should go to a specialty TBI rehab center or one that is a TBI Model System Center. CARF accredits TBI rehab programs, and I would strongly encourage the family to insist on taking him to either a CARF accrediated or Model System Center, not to a general program that sees a few TBI patients annually.

    Be sure that he is referred to a good neurosurgeon, and also that he is getting therapy. Range of motion exercises are critical. Too often people with TBI are not ranged, and then when they start to wake up, the contractures can hold them back functionally more than anything else. He is also just as vulnerable to pressure ulcers at this point as someone with SCI, so meticulous skin care and turning is also critical. Proper nutrition through a tube feeding is important to optimize healing as well.

    Here are some good links about TBI:

    This is a commercial site, but it still has a lot of good information:

    This is a book they may want to get:


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    KLD-Thanks so much for this information. From the information you have provided, it appears there are many similarities to a SCI. The fact that they cannot seem to control the ICP seems even more worrisome. Again, thanks for your help!
    "Our lives begin to end the day
    we become silent about things that matter."
    - Martin Luther King Jr

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