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Thread: Favorite Internet Pictures

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    I swear that cats are designed to turn on cuddling instincts in humans

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    AFP/DDP - Wed Jun 27, 7:40 PM ET

    No cameras, please : Six-months-old polar bear Knut leans on a rock at the zoo in Berlin.(AFP/DDP/Marcus Brandt)

    I think I posted Knut when he was first born somewhere on the boards, here he is at 6mths. I would luv to meet Knut, watching him grow up through birth, 1mth, 6wks, 2mths...and on...He is so precious..
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    Could this have been posed? If so or if not, it is an incredible picture.
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    As far as buildings go, I think that this is one of the "sexiest".
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    Two skeletons found locked in an eternal embrace have been unearthed by Italian archaeologists near Verona, the city of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

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    The lion stuff Wise. Read about it and saw it, amazing but this is on the edge I would recon. Just imagine the power of a house cat? Have one that jumps from the floor up on top of my curtains at my bedroom to get me up in the mornings. Imagine for a small creature to do that with such small tendons and muscles -that would be similar as for us to jump several buildings high (Spiderman). There was also this person doing too much of this with bears in Alaska, it ended not so well. I think ppl, well when it comes to some animals, they should not act like animals are behaving like us, good or bad, but know the power of some animals. Animals, especially some like we see as predators, can be powerful… Like as for our cats, one said; if a cat could talk to us, the cat wouldn’t.

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