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Thread: Favorite Internet Pictures

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    timing = everything.

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    70 years ago this week WW2 started....

    and beauty and elegance, even grandure left the high seas forever.

    The TSS Normandie was ordered to stay in New York, pending further orders, never to sail again. Less than 3 years later due to inept Naval and contractor practices she was a capsized burnt out hulk.

    She was the Embodiment of the France, the Third Republic, and it's colonial empire, a floating Versailles for the 20th Century. Her profile became a metaphore for speed on the seas while her interiors stunned people into silence. All but one state room was absolutely modern, the greatest artist of France designer her, the best chefs, the best wines, the best trained staff were part of her style. Her tourist and third class accommodations rivaled first on any other ship, and first class was like being transported to another planet.

    Her first class Dining room was 305 feet by 46 feet, trimmed in red marble, bronze and Lalique glass and could seat a thousand. Above, her first class lounge was only slightly smaller, her walls panaled in reverse painted glass murals by Jean Dupas, Chairs by Rothschild each with a different tapestry from Gobelins and a 50 by 40 Aubusson rug covering the dance floor.

    The Second class dining room was only slightly less grand, seating 500 and having a 2 deck high dome with 4 Cristal Daum columns and a fountain by Raymond Subes in the center.

    She was the first to use the now common bulbouse bow and knife edge prow with turtle back, first to use turbo electric drive, first to have radar, first to have centralized fire detection and fighting command.

    Fortunatly at the time of her burning, most of her decor had been removed. some appears on the art market, some was used for refurbishing the Ile De france and the Liberte. Some has turned up in museums and some has actually gone back to sea, most notably some of Jean Dunands Smoking room panels and Goujeans's statue of "La Paix" on the Celebrity Summit Cruise ship.

    here are pics to stir your curiosity


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    click on photos to enlarge:

    This Headstone made me cry when I first saw it.

    Tears of Sadness & Tears of Joy.

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    So, you think you've got problems.

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    Knock Your Socks Off Photos of Merlins...Adult & Fledglings

    William M.
    T 6/7 Complete - 4/20/74

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