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Thread: Favorite Internet Pictures

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    Nice. This looks almost like pointillism in pen/ink

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    Thank you Wise. Thought I would share one I thought was beautiful too.


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    great sight
    dare to hope
    We had been gathered on one family, we have the commons. To help more patients suffered sci, to accelerate the research and clinical trials and to mature the promising therapy are my long time goal.

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    My gosh, that picture made my heart pound! Those things EAT small animals that size!!
    - Richard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven
    Thank you Wise. Thought I would share one I thought was beautiful too.

    Raven, thanks so much. Hug. Wise.

    Here is a funny picture:

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    Lake Louise, Alberta--one of my favorite places
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    This is North Twin Lake seen from the air, with nice reflections.
    (assuming I'm attaching the pic correctly)
    - Richard

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    I love the athletism and balance here. BTW, Dr. Young you have a good eye and good asthetic sense.
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