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Thread: Favorite Internet Pictures

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    I love the picture of the baby elephant, espcially the short tufts of hair on it's head. As for the monkey cradling it's baby........adorable, and thought provoking too. Humans need to grasp that animals love, feel, and care, just as we do.

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    I see posing of similarity? Luv u Dude
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    baby sleeping.
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    LOL Hunker. I put the pic of the frog up as my background.

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    "Once they're three months old, geladas ride their mothers jockey-style. Females have just four or five babies in a lifetime but invest a lot of time and energy taking care of them—it's a 'quality, not quantity' strategy, says biologist Chadden Hunter, who has spent parts of the past six years with the animals in Ethiopia."

    —From "Final Edit," November 2002, National Geographic magazine

    A dragonfly has no stinger, but a bee-eater will beat it senseless anyway, the same way it handles its namesake prey. If the fly's wings break off, they are discarded, not eaten. The insect is then devoured as a single morsel, not as a mini-buffet of bite-size bits.
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    Wink I DEMAND....... half?

    I saw this on Yahoo and had a chuckle.

    Attachment 25460

    Is this the Cambodian answer to the WISDOM of Solomon?

    I wonder what else the couple cut in HALF?
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