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Thread: Abdominal cramps?

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    SCI Nurse,

    I am still having cramps. I was having a constipation problem so I started taking a herbal supplement call Colon Clenz. Ever since then I now get cramps when I have to go as opposed to AD. Two Excedrin Migraine helps a lot to ease the cramps. As much as I had the thought I am going to have to get an appointment with my GYN-OP. I'll let you know.


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    Please accept my best wishes for a complete recovery.



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    Thanks a bunch Cathy.


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    I have been a para T11,T12 for 5 years and I also get the abdominal cramps and my Dr. told me that the cramps were because of my condition and that I don't stand or walk which normal people do to help digest their food. I have tried Gas X capsules and they seem to help alot.

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    Thanks MJ, unfortunately I take Gas-X 4 times a day. This pain feels like its coming from my ovaries. I haven't seen a GYN-OB in 4 years so it's way past time for a full exam.


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    Well finally went to see my GYN-OB yesterday. I have a golf ball sized cyst on my right ovary, the lining of my uterus is thin and separating and my veins are engored. So lesson learned dont skip your yearly pap. They are doing a biopsy on the cyst. Also even though I called to make sure they were wheel chair accessible that doesnt mean they can handle a quad utilizing a lift. We managed but it was a hoot. I'll let you know how everthing comes out.


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