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    doctors requirement

    a month ago I was hospitalized because I could not urinate I had over 1200 ml in my bladder at the time I went to my urol they did a trial to see if I was able to urinate to no avail. I then had to have another cath put in and so far had it all this month the uro wants to do a urodymic test and she said I need to have the cath out for 2 weeks before the test in order to get my bladder back to normal is this true? because I am afarid I wont be able to urinate again if its taken out and she wouldnt give me another cath so I would have to go to the ER again to get it drained. any advice would be appricated.

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    Hi Angeleyes22,

    I intermittently cath and I've been using the same catheter for months. But I still keep a supply of them here of varying types and sizes since I once "almost" couldn't get my regular one to go in. Years ago I drank way too much beer and my bladder was so distended that eventually I shoved too hard and ruptuted an artery down "in there". I called an ambulance but was finally able to get the catheter in and didn't need to visit the ER. I won't get into those details now.

    But that's the reason why I keep a variety of different types and sizes of catheters here. It's an hour round trip from my house to the hospital and that's one helluva long time when you have 1200 or more mls in your bladder.

    It's hard to believe that your doctor or nurse wouldn't give you a backup cath kit in the case of an emergency. Even a straight catheter kit so you could at least relieve yourself until you got to the hospital. Those ERs can get very crowded at times and if you ain't bleeding or unconscious you can get triaged very far back in line.

    I would suggest that you call your doctor back and ask for an emergency backup cath kit. Or just go to your local pharmacy and buy a few of them. You're supposed to have a prescription for them but I was never asked for one.

    I now buy them online and there's no prescrption needed. I would want a few extra Foley cath kits lying around (if I used them) and a few straight catheters of varying sizes here at my home at ALL times. Screw that ER where you might pick up a MRSA strain of pseudomonas or God knows what in those cesspools they call hospitals.

    Have you been trained to or are you able to insert a Foley or straight catheter by yourself? Or can a friend or family member do it for you? The ER has more important things to do (as I'm sure you do as well) than to take out or replace a Foley catheter or straight cath you!

    I believe it's true that you should have a Foley catheter out for a couple of weeks to give your bladder sphincter time to "heal" or close up to its normal size before having a urodynamics test run. But you shouldn't be anxiety ridden over the fact that at 3:00AM you may wake up to find your bladder distended with 1200 mls of urine in it and the only place to get it drained is at the hospital. It isn't very easy to get dressed when you think that your bladder or kidneys are about to explode or that you might go into AD shock.

    You don't list your level of injury but you or someone you live with should be trained in inserting a Foley and/or a straight catheter. It's not heart by-pass surgery!

    Best wishes.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    I had a spinal cord injury last month and ever since that things have gone down hill I was getting to the point where I had to strain to go and now to to point where I cant go my doctor had me try a 14 french tubing but it did nothing but hurt me and make me bleed. we tried smaller and wasnt able to go in because it was so flimsy. the only thing that doesnt hurt me and is able to be insterted by my caretaker is a foley which my uro said had to be out for two weeks which I dont think I can deal with.

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    The doctor wants to look at your true bladdr capacity & if you hve n indwelling catheter in for a while, the bladder starts to not fill. So, thedoctor wants to see what your bladder funciton is without the cather for a while to gfet a true picture. So, this is the preferred way to have the urodynamics studies if you can.
    Mentor makes a small, short plastic catheter for female Bard & Rusch also make catheters for patients to cath themselves. Most rubber caths are to flimsy for females to use. If you need the longer one you can use the male cath. You can contact them & get free samples to see if any of them help. They all have websites so you can do it that way.

    There re some hydrophilic catheters that after wetting a little, are very well lubricated. With enough lubrication, you shouldn't be having any bleeding or problems.
    If you can't cath your self, them some in your family could be taught also.


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    if I cant go for 2 weeks without the foley can they still do the test?

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    We like to have you go 5 days without the indwelling catheter if possible, if you are planning to get rid of the indwelling catheter as a result of the urodynamics. Otherwise the results of the test will not give accurate information needed to plan an appropraite bladder management program for you. If you plan to use an indwelling catheter from now on, we would not do urodynamics at all.

    If they are trying to get your bladder muscle (detrusor), not the sphincter, to heal after an episode of overdistension, which is what appears to have happened, then you would probably need to use the indwelling catheter for about a month, then remove it and do intermittent cath for at least 5 days prior to having urodynamics.

    You should speak directly to the urologist or their nurse (not just a clerk or aide) about a plan for this.


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