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Thread: STUPID people!!!!!

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    perfect solution for stupid people parking in H/C spots

    I found this website that you can print up a great flier to put in the window of violators. I actually had it printed up on sticky paper, now when I come across people like this, I slap it on their car.


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    I once had a job which included assigning handicapped parking spaces on government lots to state employees. One thing I learned is that some people with no obvious handicap couldn't walk long distances.

    Once I'm in my chair, an extra hundred feet or so means little to me. For these two reasons I don't usually get too bent out of shape over HC parking. I can remember getting pretty steamed on two occasions.

    Once, while still a walker, I was going to a basketball game with a friend in a WC. We had to park a good distance from the gym since every space was taken. When we got to the ramp there was a new Cadillac Eldorado parked with one wheel on the ramp, blocking use by WCs. The license was a vanity plate that said "LAWYER". I happened to meet "Lawyer" in the dark parking lot after the game. He was about 5'4" with a full length fur coat. He looked pretty scared when I tapped his shoulder. All I said was "I know you would never knowingly rob another person of their independence, but that's what you did by parking on this ramp." I never saw a man so contrite before or since.

    Another time a work truck at a rest stop had parked blocking the ramp to the bathrooms. I was now in a chair full time. They had a large diameter hose stretched at least 100' and I couldn't get the guys attention. Finally, I yanked on the hose draped over his shoulder and pulled the guy off his feet. As he got up, I asked sweetly if he would move his truck so I could use the restroom.

    btw - I've been ticketed a few times for forgetting to display my placard in HC spots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CLC379
    sorry Cass, my temper hasnt been the best since rebreaking leg, i actually grabbed the door handle was gona jump out kick guys ass, sometimes i forget im in a wchair. im not into calling cops or policing parking lots, never will be, i dont even have the official h/c tag so legally i couldnt park there either, ha

    how do you decide who needs a h/c sticker, i have seen 90yo women & men walk farther to parking than i can easily roll, on a rainy day when im feeling good i kinda like to park farther away from the building & roll passed wusses in the h/c spots, if they got a shread of pride they will remember it and maybe tuffn up some

    this h/c spot stuff is needed especially for vans, but other than that how does anyone know who needs it or needs it most? someday every spot will be h/c then what?

    i could tell hundreds of creative parking stories probably all a little bit outside the law but i have never got towed or a ticket that i had to pay. one of my favorite stories is the night me & few friends went to a rodeo at the ford center, i parked my shiny new ford van on the new ford centers out door ramped showroom floor right next to all the other shiny new fords

    i am prolly stupidister than anyone who has a h/c sticker or is low class enough to take a h/c spot when not needed? i dunno dont really care

    yes Cass i called the guy a retard you can fill in your own meaning

    "Some day every spot will be a handicapped spot" Thats perfect thats exactly what we need, I say keep adding handicapped spots to accomidate everyone and wait for the able bodied to complain. Then maybe only people who really cant walk the 200 feet like the Federal law says will get them.

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    Knife her tires...

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    I would of parked behind her so she couldn't leave and called the police and maybe after getting a $250.00 fine she would learn a lesson and pass on to others , that they will give out tickets if someone parks in a handicap parking spot without a tag or license plate ,if you do something to her car or tires you could be the one with a ticket , I have a tag for my mirror , and the looks I get as if I'm not handicaped I've had 23 operations , at times I want to show off some of my scars or my belly bag , maybe I'll take some picturesof my scars and belly bag and show them when I get those looks , but call the police make them pay ;LBUSH

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    When doing some internet surfing about laws in my home state, I came across the following:

    WRAL Investigates: Is Handicapped Parking Law Being Abused?

    Under State Law, Handicapped Drivers Can Park In Spots For Unlimited Time

    POSTED: 3:02 pm EST February 6, 2006
    UPDATED: 9:44 pm EST February 6, 2006
    RALEIGH, N.C. -- Downtown Raleigh business owners say a state law that allows motorists with handicap parking stickers to park in time-limited parking is not fair because people take advantage of the law. Now, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance plans to lobby for changes to the law, saying it is bad for business.
    Apparently, many business owners and disabilities rights advocates equally agree that handicap people are abusing their placards. What kind of b/s is this?

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    let them go through what all of us at sci and then they can have the right to park in handicap parking ;LBUSH

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