My bladder is getting worse and worse,so my doctor suggests that I get Botox done on my bladder. Here is my problem, I am on 10mg dose of ditropan twice a day and still leak. I cath around the clock every 3 hours or so,sometimes sooner. I lately will leak after about 2 hours. Gets VERY fusterating!! When I cath I will get around 250-300 cc's each time, and when I leak I'll get around 350-400cc's. I don't change my liquids going in at all.
When they tested my bladder,where they put the catheter in and put water in the bladder and see when it wants to be emptied.The test showed that it was spasming like a heartbeat. So I'm hoping that this will be my luck and work like a charm.
any ideas if anyone has gotten it done? Does it really work??