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Thread: Lower back popped....Loud

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    Lower back popped....Loud

    I was rolling in bed the other night and my boot got hung up on something....Anyway, it created enough torque to where my lower back popped pretty loud...No pain, just felt a little looser in my sitting stability since then...

    Should I get this checked out?


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    i would say yes... with your existing injury, there's no telling..

    better to be safe than sorry..

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    i've had this happen before too. seems like i'm more flexible afyer it pops. before my injury, i used to pop my back a lot. i guess if you go from always poppin it to never poppin it, then your back gets stiff? it kind of feels good to pop my back.

    might have to hit up the chiropractor...bad idea?
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    Since this is a subject that I have seen crop up on more than one forum, I would actually say it is quite common in wheelchair users. It used to happen to me some years ago when I had an electric wheelchair with a very low back. I used to get this guy to lift me up from under my shoulders and the whole of my back used to crunch/pop so loudly that you could hear it across the other side of the room. It certainly didn't hurt, in fact my back felt really relaxed after. I don't suppose it's surprising really, you're sitting around in a wheelchair and not moving like you would do if you're able-bodied, it's no wonder your back seizes up a little bit and need straightening out. I actually believe the popping sound is air being expelled from in between the vertebrae. Could be wrong but that is what someone told me once.

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    I pop my back a few times a day. It's fairly loud sometimes.

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    my therapist told me about this yesterday. the crack or pop is a release of nitrogen gas between the joints. interesting eh?
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    mine pops regularly also. when i transfer to the bed at night an lean back at an angle it pops really good. feels like some pressure releases to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DA6righthand
    my therapist told me about this yesterday. the crack or pop is a release of nitrogen gas between the joints. interesting eh?
    That's what my chiropractor told me as well. Unfortunately I haven't been able to see him for two months.
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    Thanks for all the responses....

    I know what causes cracks, and pops...But I just wasn't sure if I could've pulled/overstretched something with the lack of voluntary muscle control back there....I'll keep an eye on it, but it's reassuring that other people have had this happen and not affect them in a bad way....

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    Think of it as free Chiropractic therapy.


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