Well, I am calling this short notice first call-in day a success. I am on the phone with Clint in Senator Enzi's office. There phones have been busy all day with your calls. So haven't the congressmans' phones
Man, that is a success. They are hearing but more importantly listening!

As a side note Clint was very empathetic with our calls as he has an uncle in Wyoming who is a para. I stressed to him to let his uncle know that there are clinical trials going on in China and what a shame it is that they are not happening here in the US. I believe that Senator Enzi knows his uncle. If you read Senator Enzi's profile on his web site you can see that he is a very decent and caring man. It is important that he continue to here from us and that we help educate him to the benefits of the CRPA to over 2.5 million people.

If you could not call today call tomorrow.

We will be doing a large scale call-in in November. Please watch for details and continue making those calls. You as a community should be proud of yourselves.

Susan, Cheese, Steven etal lets keep the momentum rolling.