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Thread: Anyone have IMS Rampvan problems?

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    Anyone have IMS Rampvan problems?

    My 2006 Dodge IMS rampvan shuddered above 40mph and was undrivable at high speed.

    - they tried switching front tires (!)
    - they tried removing 4 spacers infront and one in back
    -did more work on cradle shims/strut shims/alignment
    - finally succeeded in eliminating shudder, but has been in 8 times to address loud creaking/squeeking from same area which occurs from something rubbing on left turns
    -no success.
    Braun brought it to my attention this is not the only van w/the problem.

    Anyone else getting unsatisfactory resolution to IMS rampvan problems?

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    Do you have a "lemon law" in your state? You may need to pursue action under this.


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    I beg to differ

    I beg to differ I have serious issues with Braun
    here is a copy of an e-mail to braun after they had my van for a month to "repair" it!
    May 14, 2006 Rick Nelson Director of product Support Braun Corporation Winamac, Indiana Dear Rick: On the December 18,2006 I solicited the help of IMS/Braun to help me with problems I have been having with my 2002 IMS/Ford Windstar Van. I took this action only after Highland Conversions (the authorized service center for IMS) failed to correctly repair numerous problems I had with my van. (Letter Attached). When I turned my van over to Braun it was to be for a period of 3 weeks so they could repair the 4 items listed below, all had been previously repaired or supposedly inspected by Highland Conversions
    I will summarize in this letter my the four problems with my van, the actions taken by Highland Conversions, the actions taken by Braun Corporation, and the current status of those problems.
    Power door works intermittently I have had problems with this door almost from the very beginning. It was taken to Highland on 3 different occasions to have the solenoid replaced because the door wouldn't close and latch. After attempting to use used solenoids They ended up ordering a new one but I had to drive it for a week in pieces while the part was being shipped.

    I brought the van in on another occasion because the compartment holding the computer and electronics hadn't been sealed properly so when it rained my components would get wet and fail to operate properly. Highland Conversions caulked the underside of the van.

    Next as my van was nearing the end of my warranty the cable that opens and closes the power door snapped. I took it to Highland Conversions and left it so they could repair the cable. After having it back exactly 1 week the same cable broke again. I was in the middle of school and couldn't be without transportation so I waited until semester break to take it back to Highland Conversions at that time Brian told me that they would fix it but they would charge me for it…I believe I had to contact IMS or Braun to finally get Highland to repair it. I was given a rental to use and told to let Highland hold onto my van for as long as they needed to fix the things that were wrong with it. After having it for 10 days I went to pick it up the only thing that had been repaired was the cable. I was told they had to order the other parts and they would call me. On my very first stop the door failed to open, I immediately called them and was told to bring it back. They held on to it for another day to fix it they called me and said it was fixed. The next morning it didn't work either I called and was told to bring it down….when I got to Highland I was told that's just to bad learn to live with it. Braun has far as I know replaced the motor and various components for the door and it seems to be working well, but for some reason the rear switch for the door/ramp is disconnected, the emergency switch is backwards, the computer never remounted and is hanging by it's wiring harness, The cover for the computer and electronics is missing.

    Kneel doesn't work (broken chain & bent actuator) This is the item that pushed me over the edge…..not so much because it broke but because it could have been avoided. When I dropped of my van to Highland for that 10 day period I told them I had been hearing bad sounds coming from the back and expressed a concern that something was going wrong with the kneel mechanism and asked them to take a check it out. When picking it up I asked if they checked it out they assured me they had but the way he answered made me doubt it………..not even a month later it completely failed, if they had checked it out it never would broke and bent like it did. This is when I wrote to IMS/Braun. I called Highland and Brian cheerfully told no actually Brian called me and cheerfully told me to bring my van down and they would fix it but bring my checkbook because it was gonna cost me. It turns out someone from Braun had called him and told him about my e-mail and also told him it wouldn't be covered by warranty. I told him that I had been talking with Matt Ford at that time and was assured my van would be repaired at no cost to me. It was taking a while for thing to work out to get my van to Farmington so I went ahead and took the kneel mechanism apart to try if I could repair and to try keep it from further damage. I e-mailed Matt to see if I could at least get the parts to repair it, I was once again told not to worry about it because they were going to fix it. Braun has replaced the actuator and chain but once again the cover is missing and instead of kneeling the 3 to 4 inches it squats less than an inch. I can't tell you how dangerous that his when coming out of the van my feet hit when I reach the transition of ramp and street, when going in if you don't have a good run at it you tend to end up short and roll backwards, if you go slow and muscle your way up you are in danger of tipping over backwards.

    Driver side airbag module shorted out by 4 way seat…..Within the first 6 months of buying my van the front seat that was installed and wired by Highland Conversions shorted out when I was in the middle of a swivel, I called Highland because I couldn't get out of the van or turn to the front so I could drive…..I got the standard Highland answer I was on my own and they would fix it if I could get it to their shop. I drove sideways putting myself and others at risk to get it there. They repaired the short but when it shorted out it burnt up the control module for the driver side airbag. I was told I needed to take it to Ford to have that replaced. Because the short was caused by Highlands wiring It wasn't covered under my warranty …….$547 out of my pocket later my air once again had an air bag. That chair shorted out again within 2 months once again taking the air bag module out with it. Took it back to highland the fixed it again but I didn't get the module replaced and it's a good thing because that seat shorted out at least 6 more times I took it to Highland each time, they wired it the same way every time with the same results. Finally after getting stuck in my van one time to many my brother and I said screw it and took it upon ourselves to rewire it. We took the time to see what was causing the short made a slight modification, protected the wire a little better…….I haven't had a problem with that seat since. And that makes me wonder what Braun was doing tearing up the wiring harness all that needed replacing was the module it requires no wring no tearing things up it just plugs in. This is something Highland was suppose to take care of when they had my van for 10 days but it was also the part they were gonna call me about when it came in….Brian told me it came in the day my van was being shipped to Braun.

    Ramp bump doesn't always bump. The back door and all it's components have been taken apart so often that none of the sensors work correctly and are the least of my concerns

    I lost my remote entry control….I will gladly pay for a new one……..When Highland had my van for 10 days I asked them to order me one and I would pay for it when I picked up my van it hadn't even been ordered but they would order it that day and give me a call when it came in…………I'm still waiting for that call. I was asked to provide Braun with a list of things I needed repaired before my van was shipped to them this was the fifth item on that list and there were only 5 items on the list.
    The following are a couple things apart from the repairs that I noticed that bother me…..They bother me because it makes me feel my van was treated with disregard while in Indiana.
    I brought my van to a car wash had it vacuumed and cleaned because I know it's easier to do things if you have a clean workspace…I did it has a courtesy to whoever was going to work on it…..when I got my van back there was trash throughout greasy fingerprints on the headliner and was pretty much in disrepair. To have my van returned in the condition it was showed a complete lack of professionalism and total disrespect for me.

    the middle driver side window was shattered when I turned my van over to Braun, however it was well taped and had been that way for quite some time because I couldn't afford to fix it. When my van was returned to me it was almost completely broken out. The glass scattered throughout the van nobody even bothered to clean it up. If not for everything else I would have just shrugged it off thinking oh well it happens but put together with everything else I have to feel it was caused by misuse.

    The time period we originally talked about was 3 weeks, that time came and went without a word. When I contacted Braun I was told it would be a day or two late, it ended up being a week and a half. So it wasn't like they didn't have time nor was I constantly bothering them, and the lateness wouldn't have bothered me if my van had been returned in at least as good a condition as I left it in, but it wasn't not mechanically or cosmetically.

    I'm not a hard person in fact I am real easy to satisfy, I know Braun was under no real obligation to make the repairs and it was great of them to take it on, but I would have understood if my van couldn't be repaired, I would have been disappointed but if it couldn't be repaired it should have been returned in tact. At this point I sincerely wish Braun had just sent me the parts, this would be done and over with. After reading this I hope you understand my reluctance to have Highland Conversions do anything to my van, but as I told you in an earlier email if that's the best option at this point I will go with it, I'm not expecting it to be in perfect shape I just want it in sound operational condition. It may sound like a lot to ask but most able bodied people don't realize just how important our transportation is to us in chairs it' not like we can just catch a bus or call a cab. Your prompt assistance will be greatly appreciated. I assure you that this is a matter of some urgency to me.

    Sincerely, Mike Souza
    With all of our running and all of our cunning
    If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnn
    My 2006 Dodge IMS rampvan shuddered above 40mph and was undrivable at high speed.

    - they tried switching front tires (!)
    - they tried removing 4 spacers infront and one in back
    -did more work on cradle shims/strut shims/alignment
    - finally succeeded in eliminating shudder, but has been in 8 times to address loud creaking/squeeking from same area which occurs from something rubbing on left turns
    -no success.
    Braun brought it to my attention this is not the only van w/the problem.

    Anyone else getting unsatisfactory resolution to IMS rampvan problems?
    find a [better] shop that can check the steering and all mounts for the engine & transmission.

    just my opinion based on the symptoms.

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    IMS was bought by Braun. Braun is hoping the IMS people will fade away. They don't want to honor the parts for IMS vans. I've had many door problems & there's nothing they are willing to do. I will never buy a Braun because of this.
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    I've had several problems with my IMS system. It went back and fourth to the dealer several times which wasn't cheap. After Bruan took over IMS the dealer said my parts were no longer made. It took them 4 weeks to have a sprocket made. In the end I was out $300 and the problem wasn't fixed. I asked for a refund but was denined saying it was needed. I then took it to a local mechanic shop, told them the problem and they took everything apart. They told me the part I needed but no wheelchair van shop would sell it to me. I finally found a van dealer that wanted close to $300 for it so I bought it. When delivered it was a GM door part that only cost $40. We called the van dealer telling them we were shipping it back but the guy said he'd let us have it for $40 instead.

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