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Thread: mum back from rehab can't talk or open eyes

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    mum back from rehab can't talk or open eyes

    My mum was brought home from the rehab after about 8 weeks. I just returned from my sister's house. I cannot believe my eyes I could not recognise her. She could not open her eyes or her mouth. She was closing her eyes and when I talked to her she just moved and waited. Now she can't even open her mouth. You see the rehab people has not cared for her much. Today Imtiyas ( my husband ) and my sis went to the rehab in the morning to bring her. at about 11 O clock Imtiyas gave me a call telling that he could not bear it as mum was 100% changed since he last saw her ( when he took her to the rehab 2 months ago ). He also told me that the situation she is in, it is a little difficult to say what will happen? Then they came to my sister's home at about 3'Oclock. I was at my place with the kids. My sister told me that her head was full of lice ( you know the little insects which comes to unclean heads ) her hair was overgrown and she was 75% in a coma like state. So my sis had cut the hair and washed and took some lice away. Ann my mum was the cleanest person I know , how could a thing like this happen to her? All th etime mum was unable to speak and open her eyes but she was breathing. They have given her king coconut water to drink but that even she was finding it very difficult to drink. I made beef soup and took. Ann she can't open her mouth, why is it? my sis was telling me that she must have become very weak. what on earth were the nurses doing till she came to a state like this? The after I went I gave her a cup of soup. while I was giving the soup with a small spoon , she was falling asleep. I had to talk loudly at her to keep her awake. She was trying to open her eyes to see us but she can't. Even though I am here at my place my whole mind is there with her. To be frank with you I am not sure she will be alright tomorrow. I cannot saty at my sister's house as it is a very small place. So I came home. With Nabeeha anad Salmaan ( my kids ) it is difficult when I go there. Nabeeha was so sad to see mum like this. But when she heard the sound of the kids her eyes flickered. My fatehr is by her side always giving her somethign to eat. But she is not awake. I hope and pray that she will recover.

    what can we do she cannot eat but we try to give watery food like soup and milk. she cannot open her eyes or talk. she moans, is she going to die? If so why is it so long and painful what can we do now?

    please please help.

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    oh Riyasa, it breaks my heart to hear that things have become so bad for your mother. Do you know did they change her medication? Is she on more drugs now that would make her so sleepy? Do you have a local doctor that can see her?
    I don't know what to say. But I am glad that you brought her home - she was obviously not cared for well at the hospital. Maybe in a few days with all her loving family around her, she will start to get a bit better. I hope so.

    A very warm hug from me

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    I cannot even phathom the deplorable conditions your "mum" must have been in. If in fact she is comatose, I would be very careful at giving her
    anything by mouth, even liquids as she might strangle/choke on it. She is most
    likely just very very weak. Is she very thin, do you know for a fact that they have indeed even been feeding her?
    What med's is she now taking that might be putting her in this "coma" state.

    I feel at a total loss to help not knowing where you are from, what hospitals/rehab's are within driving distance and what level she presumedly is. Maybe one of our SCI-nurses can be more helpful.

    I am so sorry you are having to go thru this, your in my prayers.

    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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    I remember your other post. So so so sorry this has happened to your mom. Just encourage her to regain her strength. She may just be weak from being depressed in that facility. I hope she is okay. I am so sorry about these circumstances. I thought your father was visiting her regularly? Lice are nasty little creatures. Obviously your mom was not being cared for. As for rehab was she rehabing at all. This sounds more like a nursing home for the elderly.

    Riyasa- I pray your mom gets better, hopefully she will realize she is back home with her family and she will get better....

    So sorry!!!!!! Just encourage her....
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    This is a terrible, terrible situation. As Daisy says, this poor woman was apparently set aside and neglected. It is a shame that Riyasa or another family member was not able to visit her in this "rehab" earlier or I'm sure they would have ensured she was better treated or brought her back home earler.
    Could it be that this facility only provided food or treatment if extra payment was provided?
    As if the SCI itself wasn't bad enough.
    Our hearts go out to you, Riyasa, your mother, and your family.
    - Richard

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    It makes me very mad to hear how bad your mom was treated at the rehab hospital. I'm so sorry your mom was treated this way. Is there no way you or other family members can take her to a good hospital? I'm very sorry if this is not possible.

    I hope she didn't have a stroke or something like that. I hope she just needs rest and nutrition. I really hope your mom gets well soon.

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    So very sorry for how your Mum was treated. My heart would break were that my Mother.

    Like Dave (NorthQuad), I feel angry this has happened to her.

    Can she get to a doctor to check for a stroke or whatever has happened? That is my concern for her if she is semi-comatose, unable to open her eyes and speak. Something has happened for her to have gone from being able to talk, asking to come home to her present state.

    Let us know how she's doing.

    Many hugs for her and for you.

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    Have you called your mother's rehab physician about this dreadful situation?

    I don't know your health care system, but you need to find out if there is an official agency that licenses or accredits hospitals and rehab centers and make a formal complaint. It may not help your mother, but it might help others. You may need to go to the press and get an expose written about this problem if you can interest a journalist in this situation.

    From your description, it sounds like your mother may be both severely depressed (and therefore withdrawn, almost catatonic) and over-medicated. What medicines is she taking? Can you get us a list? It sounds like she needs to be seen ASAP by a good internal medicine physician and also by a psychiatrist. She may need a feeding tube...coconut milk is not sufficient to sustain life or keep her healthy or allow her skin to heal and stay heeled. She may need to be hospitalized in a regular hospital to get some of this resolved.

    Please keep in touch with us. We will try to offer the advice that we can over this long distance, and not knowing the resources available to you.


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    Riyasa I'm extremely sorry about what happened to your mother. I'm also from Sri Lanka. Was it the Ragama rehabilitation hospital where she was sent or anywhere else? There are good physicians in Colombo. If possible please show her to someone. I know that most of the time king coconut water (thambili) is said to be good as saline but please check with a doctor whether she is getting the nourishment she needs. I hope she gets better soon.

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    Riyasa, I saw an earlier email you had written about a wheelchair. Did you manage to get one? There are two places in Colombo where they have a variety of different models (manual wheelchairs) at reasonable prices. What type of wheelchair are you looking for? I use a manual one so I usually buy from them. It might be cheaper to get from them than trying to get one from Japan if you're looking for a manual chair. There are also organizations here which donate wheelchairs if you can't afford to buy one.

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