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    Question for a friend

    Hi I am hoping somebody has some guidance for me. This is actually for a good friend of mine. Her dad is a quad, I believe C3-4, injured in 2000. She is getting married in a few weeks and she wants to know if anyone has suggestions for the father/daughter dance. Obviously he can not dance, but he really wants to participate. Has anyone seen an alternative? He says she could sit on his lap, but she doesn't feel comfortable with this..... Any thoughts???? Thanks!

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    When I was married three years ago, my mother and I danced and she sat on my right leg a bit. There was no quams over that at all. I am a para. It is really hard to understand why she would be uncomfortable with that idea. Really I think that that is the only option. She could sit on his lap and they could hold each other tight in a hug while the song played and whisper things in each others ears. That would be nice. And everybody in the crowd would understand.

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    A friend of mine who has a C4-5 injury just got married. He and his wife planned ahead and practriced for a first dance and it was just lovely. He has a power chair with tilt-in-space. She danced around him, holding his hand, as he did spins, sat in his lap for "dips" with his tilt-in-space, and they ended up with her on his lap in a deep dip and kiss. While the latter is more appropriate for the groom than for the father of the bride, with a little practice and some creativity, I am sure they could arrange a very lovely and moving father-daughter dance for the wedding.


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    Thanks for your input!

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