Thursday September 28th, National Call In Day--Spread the word

CareCure Members:

We are going to be doing a two phase call-in to the following Senator and the list of Congressmen as we continue to try and get the Christopher Reeve paralysis Act brought to the floor for a vote this year. We are doing Phase One on Thursday, September 28, 2006 and Phase Two when they are back in session. Please call, have family, friends, email list friends call TODAY.

Below are suggestions for messages to each office:

Senator Mike Enzi Wyoming DC 202.224.3424
Gillette Office 307.682.6268

Sen. Enzi:
I am calling regarding the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act (CRPA). Specifically to request that Sen. Enzi send the bill to the senate floor for a vote. This legislation will directly impact the lives of nearly 2.5 million people living with paralysis in the US. It is a good bill that has languished in congress for over 3 years. It is past time to act. What else can I do to move it along?

Congressman Michael Bilirakis Florida DC 202.225.5755
Tampa 813.960.8173

Rep. Bilirakis:
I am calling regarding the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act (CRPA). Specifically to thank Rep. Bilirakis for sponsoring the bill. I ask that he make it a priority to push hard for passage of the bill before he retires. This bill could be his lasting legacy, and an enduring tribute to the lives of Christopher and Dana Reeve.

Congressman Joe Barton Texas DC 202.225.2002
Arlington 817.543.1000 Aarti Shah @ 202-225-2002

Rep. Barton:
I am calling regarding the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act (CRPA) and to congratulate Rep. Barton and your office on passing the NIH reauthorization bill. This is a significant accomplishment.I want you to know your efforts are appreciated. I would also like you to consider passing the CRPA before the end of year or, consider the CRPA as a pilot project to test the effectiveness of the NIH bill.

Congressman Nathan Deal Georgia DC 202.225.5211
Gainsville 770.535.2592

Rep. Deal:
Same message as Rep. Barton.

Of course, you will want to use your own words, but these are the messages we need to deliver.