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Thread: Drug abuse

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    I feel for you, addiction is a terrible thing to have to go through - for the person involved and those around the person. Just remember to always take care of yourselves.
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    Check his financial situation as well. If he is always broke and asking people for money, that is a sign of a drug problem. Atleast that was what my brother was doing.

    I feel for you on this one. Just keep him busy with other things as much as possible and his mind will sway away from drugs.

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    Yep, if he's asking for money (especially in increments of $10-$20), he's probably using drugs if you can see nothing else he's spending it on. My brother was on street drugs prior injury. As soon as he was mentally able to comprehend and communicate with people, he sought out his avenues for the stuff. You'd be surprised at how many people assist him in his quests. I, as his power of attorney, had to curb my dispersal of funds to him in order to get a grip on it for him. He was doing some hard stuff (crack). He used to be a crack addict. Has been off of it two years post injury now. Hate to see him go back to that way of life now.

    I did give him the benefit of the doubt and was in denial about it for a while until he told one of his paid sitters where and when he was getting the stuff. I fought with him about a year over it and just the other day, I decided, like cigarrette smoking, just to let him be his own man. I know he's smoking marijuana, but I don't care. Heck, like some of you guys say, it does help calm some of the pain both mentally and physically for him, I guess. I WILL continue to fight with him over the harder stuff, though. I don't see a need for that. It just makes him incoherent and sloppy, drooling, etc. And I know he probably would like to "get away from it all" via these drugs, but illegal stuff could put him in the jail house again, and that's where he got this injury from, in a jail cell.

    Just some input from a wary sister who loves her brother - sometimes more than herself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harriet
    My son is a quad (hurt two yrs ago) and we have now found out he's doing drugs. My husband and I have made an appointment with a councelor about what to do and what not to do to help him. We are soooo scared. Any suggestions?
    The best help I ever got for drug addiction was free, not from a councelor. Addiction is there but find a positive addiction like excersise etc.

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