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Thread: old disc injury cause grand mal??

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    old disc injury cause grand mal??

    i have a question for anyone who might be able to shed light on this....

    five days ago my best friend (AB) was coaching his sons soccer game, out of teh blue he goes into a grand mal sizure, he is out for 15 minutes. emts arrive and transport to the hospital. they run test after test after test, everything is coming back fine, they can find no reason for him to sieze. they did discover he has an old injury to his C area, (he played highschool football many many years ago no injuries since then) the doctor kept wondering why he has no numbness ect since his injury in his neck is so bad.
    This is the ONLY test that is coming back abnormal. he has a 5 white count in spinal fluid. could this be the cause? The dr. thought that it may be nerve related? HOW?

    He lost his wife to cancer 6 years ago, he is scared beyond words. doctors around here are awful. any recomendations on where to go for a diagnosis of why he seized?

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    To the best of my knowledge a seizure comes from your brain. Normally our brain "fires" off electrical pulses that allow us to do something such as moving our legs or arms. Sometimes though these areas start to fire rapidly when they arent supposed to which causes seizures.

    There are many reasons people can develop seizures such as dehydration, injury, medications, etc. Some people are just born with this condition as well. There are effective medications out there. My recommendation is to get him to a good neurologist who can start a work up. Typically ER evaluations will only rule out an emergency and wont get into finding the exact causes.

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    thanks , yes he was hospitalized for 3 days while extreme testing was done. teh results have all been "clean". i have experienced dehydration seizures twice and i now know not to ever do that again but that was definately not teh cause here. the only thing the neuro is pointing it too is his neck, and we both highly doubt that would/could cause it since the injury would have to be aboput 20 years old.

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    A WBC of 5 is normal I think for spinal fluid--anywhere from 0-5 is. As far as an old neck injury causing a grand mal, I am not sure how this could cause one. Unless his spinal column has weakened and was to the point where the spinal fluid was becoming blocked creating an increase in the pressure in his brain. Again though that is a long shot.

    If he doesnt get a good answer from his neurologist that he has now or while in the hospital I would seek another opinion. Sometimes questions about conditions just dont have an exact answer.

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    Hey, Becky. I'm sorry to hear this. I sure hope the ultimate outcome is good.


    PS (I owe you an e-mail-it slipped my mind. I'm so sorry. You can reach me at )

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