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    Pain in the butt....

    I am desperately seeking information/relief about the pain I have. Since March 2005 I have had pain the the (right) perineal, scrotal, upper inner thigh area. (Like a needle jamming in with swelling and burning in peripheral areas). I can't sit for a very long time, and I have limited my activities.
    Two years prior to this pain, I have had pain in my left SI joint - I believe from intense physical training for black belt - attained Dec. 2004. Since I am no longer training as intensely, the SI joint pain has mitigated to lower levels.
    I have had the S2-S4 nerve roots tested and the results were inconclusive. I also have had DSSEP, EMG, numerous MRIs, a bone scan, and Cat scan of the pelvic area. The MRI shows a minor L5 disk bulging. Prodding in the perineal area intensifies the pain - indicating to me that the musculature in this area may be torn near the pubic bone. But a recent ultrasound indicates only minor muscle strains. When pain in my SI joint flares up, the perineal pain seems to subside. Steroid injections do not seem to help for a long period of time, and physical therapy has helped by loosening up the general pelvic area. Lyrica combined with up to 10 Advils a day seems to keep the pain bearable.
    I would appreciate any feedback about my situation. Thank You!
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