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Thread: Quilting/Sewing room ideas

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    Quilting/Sewing room ideas

    I need ideas on how to set up a quilting area. I found a machine w/ an on/off switch vs. a pedal that works well, but am new to sewing and am unsure how to set up the room. I seem to have a tough time getting enough leverage to use the rotary cutter very effectively, so maybe a lowered cutting surface would be good?

    Any advice on setting up the room to actual equiment needs would be appreciated.

    I'm a para, T5.

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    WOW. I was just learning to quilt when I got hurt. I just got a sewing machine and had barely learned to use it. I didn't know they made one without a foot pedal. WHere did you find it? otherwise I have no ideas. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who does.
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    Gingerlea, I sew and use a long picnic table to set my machine on. I use the pedal but push down on it with my hand. Kind of the way you would use your foot to push on it. My x made me a table that was at the height where the top of the armrests would be close to it. I use the kind of armrests that have two different heights and can also be raised or lowered. The bad thing about the table he made was not professionaly made so it didn't last me long. Maybe you could have one made for you by a good carpenter. Also, a long time ago, my brother made one which I could turn like the idea of a lazy susan. It had the center set on a thick 4x4 I think. He made little boards that came out from it to hold it well centered and so it would not tip over. It did work out really well. No longer have it since we always had to be moving from one place to another and my parents got rid of it when we couldn't find a place for it to fit.

    Maybe some of these ideas might help you and/or others. Hope they do. Also, hope you enjoy sewing and quilting. I never learned to quilt but sewing was and is still my favorite pastime. Keeps my mind busy and earns me a bit of money on holidays.


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    there are 2 machines w/ on/off switch, both made by Janome:
    Memory Craft 6600 - all the bells & whistles and priced accordingly
    Jem Platinum - less features, lightweight, made for traveling

    I have a great carpenter, so I can build whatever I need. I do like the lazy susan idea and use it in my kitchen already. I'm curious to hear how ppl cut & handle fabric as it difficult for me. I saw a combo rotary cutter and ruler which could be very good.

    is there a disabled quilter group out there?

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    Hi Gingerlea....I am a t4 para and have been quilting for a few years now. I dont think you need anything to be built or set up different, as long as you have a reasonably large flat area that you can wheel under. Like Raven, I just use the foot pedal in my hand. This way you can control the acceleration and slowing down of the sewing easily, which is important when slowing down to go over pins, seams, etc so that you minimise the risk of breaking needles.

    At first I had trouble using a rotary cutter, but I think its a matter of technique and using a really sharp blade rather than strength. I can easily cut through two layers and sometimes cut through four if using a new blade.

    Have fun!
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    thanks anna, good to know I should be fine once I get the hang of it.

    I did use a foot pedal w/ my hand until we found the janome, but it is so much easier having the switch. you can control the speed with a sliding button, so you can go as fast or slow as you'd like.

    I also got a suggestion to make the sewing area flush w/ the table, should be easy enough.

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    I sewed before my injury but haven't tried it since my accident. Don't think I could do it in the tiny space I had before. Thanks for starting this thread. Its great to get ideas and read about how other people make it work.
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