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Thread: how many hours do you sleep ?

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    how many hours do you sleep ?

    before my injury i slept 6 to 8 hours per night.i woke up fresh and ready to start a new day.after i became a quad i sleep 2 -3 hours.i used diffrent sleeping pils .no sleep just more tired the next day.only themazepam seems to help me a little.
    how is your sleep and what is your advice on this matter?
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    i hardly ever sleep the whole night. i usually sleep 2-3 hours at a time. i take a couple melatonin before bed and that seemed to help. but, since you were taking sleeping pills i doubt that will help you.

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    It depends on what I do in the day.If i get a really good workout i usually get 5-8 hours of sleep.If i don't do much i don't sleep as long.I guess working out takes more out of me.I don't take anything to make me sleep.
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    I don't sleep through the night...I wake up about every three hours for some reason I haven't found out why yet...I just don't worry about it...There's been times where I have awaken out of a sound sleep due to pain which is only once in awhile...other than that I'm okay with my sleeping problem...

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    typically between 5-9hrs w/ a few leg spasms that wake me up throughout the night - i just have to straighten things out & i'm back to sleep in < 1min.

    no pills needed. tried tylenol pm once & it knocked me out for a good 10hrs - wasn't a good feeling when i woke up either.

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    12-530 AM during week
    sleep in on wknds
    out like a light, thanks Zanaflex.

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    Sleeping is not a problem for me it is the fact that I hate to get up, always have. I go to sleep as soon as I hit the bed and have to hit snooe several times to get up. My goal is to get no less than 5 hrs sleep, although would like to get 7-8 but my school and life schedule does not really allow for that to happen very often.
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    i wished i could be like you aly.
    all the best to you
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    11:30p-5:00a sometimes less.

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    Good Lord people how do you function?

    I get 5 - 7 hours on days I'm working.

    12(!!!) on my days off.

    If I'm on vacation - I sleep the usual 8.
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