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Thread: stuck in bed

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    I hope you get that thing healed soon.....

    I would go crazy without my laptop......

    I miss you too.....
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    Thanks everyone I really appreciate it. This site is full of friends! I haven't been able to see my doctor or get it looked at yet. A nurse told me to put some duoderm on it which I was able to get yesterday.

    Kristi, so what happened to your sore? It appeared to be going away yet getting bigger underneath? That sounds pretty scary. Is there any way of finding out what lies beneath? By the way, I hope your leg is doing better. I was thinking about other people who had problems recently and you came to mind.

    Thanks again friends.

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    Heal quick take care of that sore anty
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    When I had a small sore on my tailbone, I was able to sit a few hours a day by having my roho cushion pulled out a bit so there was only air under the tailbone, thus no pressure on it. Maybe you can discuss this idea with your doctor or wound care person.

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