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Thread: ready to give up from the pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C.
    wouldn't mind being discouraged, i'd wanted to be there for my kids too.
    solice in hell, but deranged from unrelenting stinging.
    I don't know for sure Tim....The primary part of his note said "My pain is finally free"...he wrote a few poems and a couple other notes too...but that's what he wrote in big letters on the top page...

    He'd had SOOOOOO many issues and complications, dozens of hospitalizations in 3yrs...but in the last 3-4 months things seemed to be improving for him. Up until 3 months prior, he'd been on IV Dilauded every 4hrs...Something sent him over the edge and from his note we can only guess that it was the pain....
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    Question shit, too many similarities.

    they say those who talk about it, dont go thru with it.
    thank god for this outlet .

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    just say yes

    f.. it i want out so often too.

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    Have you exhausted all kinds of medicines to try to relieve your pain? It seems like a lot of people say different things work for them even if only a little.

    I'm hoping you find something online whether it be natural or Rx.

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    If it wasn't for my mother, lack of nerve, and lack of having deduced a method yet, I would go the self-euthanasia route. I'm beyond sick of ever worsening torture. Can't exercise, can't do ADLs, even typing now makes my scapulas pop and skin rip, can't sleep, can't go out, no social life, etc. - I wouldn't be giving anything up except intolerable pain. Best thing that could happen to me would be to doze off one night and not wake up.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your pain and suffering. I live with chronic pain 24/7 as well, but I don't think my pain is as bad as yours. I can sort of live with it thanks to 2400 mg Gabapentin and 25 mg of Amitriptyline every day. Some nights I wake up from stabbing pains in my left leg and then I am not well rested the next morning.

    I can sympathize with your situation. Try to soldier on as best as you can, Tim. Better times are coming for SCI's. I am sure of it.
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    I feel for all of you. I can't imagine the emotional/mental pain, limitations and discomforts of SCI with awful physical pain added to it. I can't believe people must live this way. It's a living hell in every sense of the expression.

    I remain positive about research though. Breakthroughs happen and it only speeds the process of solving a puzzle.

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    Tim, I thankfully don´t have pain so I cannot say anything about that to help you. All I can say is hang in there man, this SCI crap is full of ups and downs, who knows maybe tomorrow you´ll feel better. Don´t do anything crazy dude.
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    can you find a new pain management clinic or doctor that will work harder to get rid of the pain? i know how difficult it is with people that have severe pain like yourself, but that doesnent excuse the medical people, you should be caling them between visits to tell them it not working.
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    I often tell people that i'm alive but not living. The only things that made it better was noise or distractions. It was 23 weeks of not knowing much of myself. I still have the CP but at a level to atleast type and share my thoughts. I hate when 2 or 3 AM comes and i'm awake. Too much silence seems to just nourish the pain. But when times become overwhelming, I call my kids or think what becomes of my kids after I pull the trigger. Thank GOD, its only once a month or less that I go through this lately. But, during the 23 weeks the only picture on my mind was my old .380. Tim, I can't say it'll go away but with time we either get better or learn to fool ourselves that the pain is some what small.

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