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Thread: Why does my stomach feel this way?

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    Why does my stomach feel this way?

    Now that I have been walking, I feel a lot of pressure on my stomach. Right under the sternum, or where the sternum ends I get a pressure feeling and when I touch that area of my stomach it feels really hard. There are times where my who stomach feels big or bloated. Now, that my abds have kicked in I tighten my abs when I walk and try to work them out during therapy. But like I said, there are times where its just too much and I have to sit because I feel like my stomach is going to pop. Does anyone know why that is happening?

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    Your exercise may be triggering spasms or at least extra tone in your abdominal muscles that feels like pressure on your stomach. How do your exercise periods correlate with meals? If you are exercising soon after you eat, you may want to change that (like waiting an hour before swimming, like your mom told you to). Otherwise, check with your doc.


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    At times I get a tight feeling in my stomach area. It is as if there is a clamp around me that I cannot over come. I think it is that part of me has paralysis, and part of my body is regaining feeling and movement. I have had this feeling at times, (it comes and goes), since about two months after my accident. I think it is just part of living in a crazy body.

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    My gut always feel tight, cramped, and full.


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