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Thread: Citgo's low cost heating program

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    Citgo's low cost heating program

    I just thought I would post this as it may help someone in the Northeastern States with heating oil this winter.

    I am not a fan of Chevez but this could help someone who is struggling......

    CITGO Petroleum Corporation is distributing heating oil at discounted prices this winter as part of an initiative aimed at helping poor communities in areas of the country most affected by cold winters.
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    Chavez can keep his oil. I'll freeze.
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    Oil For Your Blood

    This is the same Chavez that wants to disentergrate America. He and his fellow looney terrorists just met in Havana to plot their deviousness us and other freedom loving people. Anyone who buys a gallon of motor vehicle fuel in a CITGO outlet is helping to create their own demise. So his country discounts some heating oil--big deal! The country is still making billions from Americans--Venezuela is our country's fourth largest supplier of petroleum.

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