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Thread: I moved my toes today!!!!!!!!

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    That is fantastic news!! Thanks for sahring it here with us. I did another post where I mentioned that MIke tries this all the time. I have to get literally like an inch from his foot because sometimes the movement is so slight, but it is something.

    Quote Originally Posted by kkmay
    That's pretty cool. I haven't done any rehabbing for four years now. Perhaps I will get something back naturally. Always thought that so we'll see what happens. Wish I could be on that medicine. My doctor said no. Maybe I should go find another doctor.
    KK, I am on a mission for 4-AP. I did a google search for compound pharmacists in California and started narrowing it down After that I called some in my area and they gave me some referrals so tomorrow more phone calls. That is going to be one of the best ways to actually find a doc in your area.

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    Keep in mind though everyone

    4ap probabley will not help out at all in complete injuries. Congrats though on the movement in the toes, thats been a dream of mine for like 25 years that never happened, although I still try.

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    Frank Wead

    For those not familiar with the film "THE WINGS OF EAGLES", it is the story of Frank "Spig" Wead. Wead broke his neck and became paralyzed, while previously enjoying some prominent fame as a Navy flyer, who was instrumental in the early development of Naval air power. According to the film, he eventually moved his toes and then later walked, using leg braces and crutches, eventually abandoning the crutches. He became a prominent writer of Hollywood films, and worked with the famous American director John Ford.

    The site above does not mention his walking, which is why I included that part of the story in my narrative. Is anyone familiar with the film?

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