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Thread: Men's Fashion

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    Men's Fashion

    I have an issue with my clothing looking sloppy. I am a Quad using a power chair and I have lost weight since my injury, I am skin and bones on wheels. I'm looking for some fashion tips. Not so much what colors are in this fall, but do you guys tend to buy longer length pants than you used to for instance. Any tips?

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    i keep my clothes big..easier to get them on...

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    i have to buy my pants longer because always sitting makes them ride up my ankles a bit. i HATE when that happens.

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    Wheelchair jeans

    Check out

    These pants are the weirdest looking things you'll ever see (shape wise) but are perfect if you are in a wheelchair. They have a high back and low front so no bulking up anywhere. You can order them any length or width you need because they custom make every pair to your specifications.

    Simon has purchased both jeans and slacks. They don't come with front pockets, but you can order them that way. These folks are great to work with.

    Wheelchair jeans are made for sitting 100% of the time. He only wears these pants when he is in his regular wheelchair. If we take the standing wheelchair when we go out he wears his regular slacks.

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    Try black jeans, they don't show the baggy creases up as much as blue jeans. Be sure to remove the back pockets and check for studs in pressure points as well.

    Stay away from tracksuit bottoms, they make you look like you've just come out of hospital!


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