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Thread: Which Handcycle do you suggest ?

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    Which Handcycle do you suggest ?

    I'm starting to look into handcycles ...does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look at ? I am a T11 para if that helps -- I just want something comfortable to get me back outside.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Don just got an Invacare Top End Excelerator XLT... we looked at Freedom Ryders and Quickie Sharks too.

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    If you have good upper balance...then the Freedom Rider may be a good choice. You turn it using your body by leaning into the turns. I do not have good I have an Excelerator XLT. All of them are heavy (most of the weight is on the front of the bike due to the gears and such being there). I would not go for the XLT Gold bike because that is more for those who race, etc. I talked to Scott at when I was looking for mine. He was really knowledgable and is in a chair he has first hand experience.
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