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Thread: Building a house

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    Building a house

    Well I have decided to take the plunge and sell my present house. I am going to build a log cabin/house on some acreage my grandfather left my daughter. I have no house payment now and my daughter already owns the acreage where I plan to build the house.

    I am looking at plans and yada yada...... There are so many to choose from. I am presently thinking of building a main house as she is soon to be grown and a guest type cabin for me to live in. Hopefully next year my plans are to get a job and move to another area. She will also be off to college. If this happens as planned, we will both have a place to come home to.

    I was wondering if the members of CC had advice of what to do/not to do regarding house construction as well as financing options while my current house is on the market.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This a huge life decision for me but I feel like it is meant to be as some things are falling into place already.

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    Sounds like a great challenge! One of the advantages to building on acreage is that you can really go crazy with the design of house you want to build, you dont have the restrictions of a standard block in the suburbs and you dont have to worry about privacy with neighbours. Make sure that you build to best take advantage of the sun, breezes, etc. I am in the process of designing a house to be built in a colder area of Australia, so one of the things I am doing is putting a big courtyard in the middle that will help protect from the wind, whilst ensuring there will always be sun in there.

    Make sure you get a builder that is approachable and you get along well with. And....supervise all the modifications yourself, make sure it is in the contract things such as bench heights, ramp gradients.....etc.

    Have fun, dont stress over it too much. This is my second house that I am designing and I love the challenge.

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    Darkeyed daisy. Whatever you do, don't do your own roofing on your new house. It didn't work for me.
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    remember one thing,. that house is only worth what the comps in the area support. if its your dream home, fine. if u want it to appreciate over time. research the area. if its rural. investigate the surrounding 5-10 radius.
    i have clients come to me all the time wondering why their 500k home in the middle of nowhere is only worth 350k to the bank.

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