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Thread: Odin arrives tomorrow night!!! Photo thread to be here ...

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    Odin arrives tomorrow night!!! Photo thread to be here ...

    OMG, I am about to explode from anticipation, excitement and terror! I've never so much as owned a dog, much less tried to train a service dog. Chad is over the moon ... ! Puppy arrives at 11:31 pm (yes, PM!!) from Salt Lake City and I've already called the cargo terminal of the airline he is flying on to let them know to expect a live animal and to please please please get him off the plane asap. They said that they sure would. Love small towns!

    This will be the thread where I post photos - I hope to post some Friday, but who knows how crazy it will be on the first day home. I was just so excited when I found out he was coming tomorrow that I had to start a preemptive thread.

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    Congrats, Dogs are great! I just retired my service dog (13 years old), she is living the retired life at my Moms just hanging out and being a farm dog now.
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    no, you're not excited...not at all Nothing like a kid on Christmas eve.... I can't wait to see pics of Odin...So how'd ya come up with his name? Sorry I haven't gotten back to your most recent PM, will get back to you soon...
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    Chad picked the name Odin. He is very into Norse gods / mythology, he is very knowledgable (is that spelled correctly??) on them and it is good fun to listen to him talk about them. He recently named his new wheelchair "Freya", a Norse goddess name. I had named the old one Bessie! So the new slick chair needed a more fitting name. Anyway, the brother to Freya is Frey, so we were going to call the dog Frey, but I knew we would end up calling him Freya as a nickname because a single syllable name always get "cute-ized". And Freya is female and his chair's name. So, we internet searched on Norse gods and found Odin. We both saw it and LOVED it. So Odin it is! I feel "Odie" as a nickname in his near future.


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    Hi Ami,

    Odie will require that you and the family wash your hands more often. My greyhound gets petted and combed a lot more just after I catheterize than just before I'm planning to. Pets, and dogs in particular, are lovable creatures but are bacteria carriers too. Just a friendy heads up.

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    Ami, that's such exciting news! I can't wait to see pictures of Odin! Of course I overdo it usually having too many dogs, but they're such wonderful family members. A dog offers you such unconditional love. I can't imagine being without one (or 5 or 6!) .

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    Quote Originally Posted by zillazangel
    I had named the old one Bessie!
    Bessie the cow!?
    Get the dog to the vet, first thing first. Or, get verification of previous vet and paperwork, o that makes me nervous. And, get Frontline (or similar) on the canine ewwwwwwww! I hope you know the history on this K9! Allergies? Good hips?
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    We've always used Advantage for fleas. Very successfully. No ill affects from the dog, no fleas, and theirs nothing on their skin to rub off on you our your house. Order from 1800PetMeds, based on the size of the dog.

    Go to the vet first thing, regardless of any papers that came with the dog. That's YOUR follow up to ensure the paperwork is as correct as possible. Of course some things may not be obvious for years (hips for instance), but they can confirm heart, lungs, worms, eyes, hearing, etc. And remember that a dog is a living being, they change and there are no true guarantees (if there were, none of us would know each other ).

    Oh yeah, and enjoy the little ball of energy. Puppies are so cute.

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    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great news.Happy for you.Post lots of pics and may your life be easier and better.
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    Looking forward to some pictures of this Norse god!

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