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Thread: Compression Fracture of T12.

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    I am 53 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis after I slipped in water at work and broke my left hip - which now sports three 4" screws.
    On November 17, 2009 I was feeding my chickens in the rain when I slipped in the mud and landed first on my butt and then on my back. In the process I heard what sounded like bubble wrap or pop corn popping and felt a horrible pain. I think the rain is the only thing that kept me from passing out.
    I managed to get myself into the house by crawling and walking, the whole time thinking I was going to pass out. The next thing I knew I was laying on my back in the hall of the house with my cell phone next to me. I called my husband who was an hour away and waited for him to get home. After about an hour he got me into the car and off to the emergency room. Because of the osteoporosis they took many, many xrays, but said that there were no breaks and no loose screws! (Yes, we got a big kick out of that!) They sent me home with pain meds and told me to follow up with a doctor.
    Because it was close to the holidays, I wasn't able to get in to see a doctor and I got very frustrated. I thought that if I rested and took the pain meds my back would quit hurting. I was having and continue to have lots of pain and back spasms and I don't sleep well at night.
    I was finally able to get in to see an Orthopedic Dr. 2 months after the fall. They did and MRI and found a T12 compression fracture with 15% loss of height at the superior endplate. They also found that my scoliosis, which I've had all my life, has gotten much worse (it looked terrible on the x-rays) and that I have a number of bulging discs and a leision on my left kidney!
    They sent me for a TSLO brace and gave me stronger meds. I wore the TSLO brace for about a week and it rubbed sores under my arms, on my ribs and under my breasts. It was extremely uncomfortable. I plan to take it back because it was so expensive. I bought a lumbar brace that I've been wearing to give me support, but I am still having a lot of pain. It has been suggested that I have a vertebroplasty (injection of some kind of cement into the compressed area). Has anyone had this done? If so, did it relieve your pain?
    I know I am lucky that I don't have nerve involvement, but I am so tired of hurting! Should I see a neurosurgeon before I have the procedure? Any suggestions/comments/etc. are welcomed.
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    T12 Fracture

    Hi Guy
    Im a 61 year old male
    In December just before Xmas I was having a shower and slipped very heavily from under the shower mat and landed on my backside. I was in terrible pain and could not move. My Neigbour heard my cries for help and luckily my back door was open. He called an ambulace and was given some sort of gas to sedate me. Anway I was kept in Hospital for 3 day for Xrays. I was diagnosed as having a T12 wedge fracture of the vertebral and was told it was stable. I was place in a back brace and was told to rest for a while.The pain has been unbearable and my GP has prescribed Tamadol.This wasnt much helpmso was given Morphine based patches to stick on my body.These last for 72 hours and is a great help with my pain. Ive tried to stop taking these patches thinking the pain has now gone. The pain soon returned and back on the patches. Im seening my consultant for the first time in a couple of weeks. My problem I now got is not exercising and my legs are very weak now.Im alos afraid to go itnto my bath now and need assistance from my Sons home to shower. Can somebody tell me how long this pain will last and get walking again.Its now 3 months since my accident
    Thanks for reading and need some advice please
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    I'm sorry, but I can't help but wonder - where did the ummm... object of your affections go while all this was going on?

    I'm sure some with more useful advice will be along - but my thought is to wonder - are your legs just weak from lack of exercise, or is there any neurologic deficit related to your injury? If you are having weakness or any other symptoms (for example bowel or bladder difficulties) I would suggest phoning up your doctor immediately.

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    i fractured T12 falling off horse over 8 months ago i was told to go hoome and have a bath and take paravcetamol at a&e who werent sympathetic or careful of back pain as they shouuld that waas august and its april now and i have hip pain and lower back pain lower than injury.........what should i do ?

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    Hi helen, i strongly suggest you go see a doctor right away and demand x-rays and scans, the same thing happened to me about 4 months ago, i fell off my horse and went to hospital they wouldnt x-ray me and said it was just muscle damage, i went on riding a few weeks after and the pain never went away so i went to 3 more doctors before they would x-ray me and they found the t12 fracture, good luck.

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    Smile compressed fracture of anterior T12

    I factured my spine four weeks ago, according to the dr i have a compressed fracture in my anterior T12, i was given a back brace and told to stay in bed for three months only to stand or sit for ten minutes at a time, i am not due to see my consultant again for a few weeks and have a few questions id like to ask, I have been getting shooting pains up the left hand sise of my back and am wondering if this is just normal for my injury? I am also having lower back pain, as far as I know your T12 isnt that low down so is this normal to have pain there? and also is it ok for me to lye on my side or could this cause more damage??

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    Did you get a second opinion about the advisability of not having a surgical correction of your fracture, or of the type of bracing done? Do you have any loss of movement or sensation?

    It is common to have significant back pain both initially and long-term after compression fractures of the back. This includes both the orthopedic bone pain, muscle spasm, and sometimes peripheral nerve compression.

    You should not be sitting, but laying down only, and I would avoid standing at all. You can roll side to side in bed as long as you do so with your hips and shoulders staying in alignment (log rolling) wearing your brace.


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    I am 23 and fell roller skating 3 weeks ago and have t 12 compression fracture. The ED I went to the night I fell did not catch it, until a radiologist looked at my x rays the next day. I found a Dr in the Spine Medicine Department at the hospital I work at. When I saw him I was worried about not being able to take deep breaths with out sharp pain shooting around my right side to the front of my body. The Dr gave me several pain meds, an anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxant. He told me to take the weekend off work and depending on how I felt I could go back Monday. I am an ICU nurse, working in a Cardiovascular ICU. I am on my feet all day or night and constantly having to reposition patients and so forth. I made sure he was aware of what I did. He told me that working was fine, just had to have extra help when it came to repositioning patients. I was told that activity was the best thing for me. He ordered follow up x rays and told me to come back in a month and we would discuss treatment options then such as PT, surgery if needed, further studies such as MRI of CT. No brace was perscribed. I went back to work a week after I fell. The night went ok but I was not surprisingly busy. The following week I was working day shift and after working 2 12 hour shifts back to back I was in pain. The next day I fell down my icy porch stairs and I felt like I was back to square 1. I have more recently been having a strong burning pain around the T 12 area and a sharp shooting pain starting in my lower back shooting down my right thigh. I called my Dr and told him about this new development. He told me burning was normal around the healing site and the shooting pain would not be related to the compression fracture because it was too low. He wanted me to do the repeat x rays that day and I have an appointment to see him tomorrow. Has anyone else not worn a brace or had burning pain around the fracture area? At this point I am wondering if I need a second opinion. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow.

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    Hammock helped posterior T12 compression fracture

    Hi from Australia. I am writing this in the hope it will be of help to someone . My husband (a builder who should have known better but we won't go there) fell 5-6 metres from a ladder onto a compacted dirt/ gravel floor of a shed. After naughtily driving home and showering he figured he'd better get to hospital as his back was rather sore. It was then discovered he had a posterior compression fracture of his T12 but fortunately no additional damage (except to his pride I suspect). Anyway, after being on morphine then other strong pain killers for a few days he was given a brace and discharged from hospital, still in lots of pain.

    What saved his sanity (and the family's) and almost totally removed his pain was the purchase of a HAMMOCK soon afterwards. He slept in it at night-time and spend most of the first few days after purchase in it, gradually spending more time out of it during the day and going back to lie in the hammock for maybe half an hour every 2 hours, then every 3 hours, etc until he was just sleeping in it after a few weeks.

    His pain went from barely tolerable (had to take medication which says a lot because as a builder he has sustained a lot of injuries and has a high pain threshold) to almost nothing-just discomfort-as soon as he lay in the hammock! He didn't use the brace as didn't need it.

    Because he had a posterior fracture, his back was curving in the hammock just the right way to take nearly all the pressure off the fracture, which normal lying down and walking didn't do. I presume that an anterior fracture would obtain some relief lying in a hammock on the abdomen.

    Anyway, after two or three months of gradual decreasing use of the hammock he had no pain at all in his spine when up and about but he still slept in it occasionally just to make sure things were healing well. We also prayed a lot. At his final check up around 4.5 months the doctor was amazed at how the fracture had healed-apparently they had been considering surgery initially yet it healed with almost no visible compression and he has had no trouble at all with his back ever since-now just gone 2 years-and he lifts/ moves a lot of heavy things.

    I realise that using a hammock may not fix everyone but I hope this information is of use to someone in pain as I couldn't find any information re. hammock use and spinal fractures when I looked.

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    T12 compression fracture..

    I got bucked off my old horse 3 weeks ago.. I had an MRI and it shows a compression fracture at T12..My x rays showed only subluxation of L4 onto L5.I had some pain in my left leg and thigh but that has gone only in my hip area.....I was told by my GP to take it easy ..I will see a neurosurgeon March 7th...Any thing else I should do for this fracture..I have been taking daily walks to keep my self in shape...

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