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Thread: Compression Fracture of T12.

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    Bicycle rider hit by SUV

    4 weeks a go, while on my morning bicycle commute to work an SUV ran right into the back of me. I was thrown up, into and over the car. I have a T12 Burst Fracture, 25% compression, non displaced, 7 days in the hospital, I am now in a TLSO Brace for a min. of 3 months. I can walk but am experiencing a great deal of pain down my left side and left leg. I get intermittant numbness and tingling down my left leg/foot and in my left arm. The Nueorologist seem to only be concerned that I can use me leg at all. I finally got them to agree to see me, next week to Xray and re evaluate, but it was a hard push.
    Does this sound familiar? does anyone have words of wisdom?

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    Did they also Xray your neck? You would never have arm tingling from a T12 fracture, displaced or not. Did you also have a CT or MRI? Root compression from a protruding or ruptured disk can cause symptoms like this. I would recommend seeing a different neurologist or a neurosurgeon who specializes in spinal problems to determine if you have any cord or root compression causing your symptoms.


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    Yes, they did Xray, and CT my neck. I didnt start experiencing these symptoms until the end of the 3rd week. Is it possible the hyper extended position, about 3-4" curve, could contribute? It does seem my walking makes the leg worse. The arm has been constant since the same time frame

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    i don't know if anyone here can help me but i am at my wits end. i got hit by a car almost 4 months ago, sustained a compression fracture to my t12 (loss of height 10%), but it was missed on the day of the accident and it was only officially confirmed that i had this 3 weeks ago. i am in excrutiating pain and my doctor doesn't seem to take me seriously. also, i am a canadian citizen living in the province of quebec. if anyone knows anyone, has ANY info at all, please let me know. the pain has been getting worse the last 3 weeks or so (a bit before i found out for sure i had this fracture for certain) and while they gave me a form of codeine for the pain it hasn't helped and so i retuned the pills today (i had only taken them for 5 days but it was keeping me from sleeping, and making me constipated while helping with the pain 0%. hey, they might work for someone else, so why throw them away). the SAAQ is giving me the run around, as are my doctors. please help!!

    re: girl sparky, have you seen a doctor about this issue yet?

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    fractured T11 & T12

    I was in a car accident a month ago & fractured T11 & T12, broken collarbone with some other injuries. I have had a back brace for weeks now, but I have back pain every day, does not seem like it has changed any. Before this wreck I had never had a broken bone. How long before the pain stops and I can move without the brace?

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    Do you have any neurologic impairment as a result of your injury?

    Typically, if you are well nourished, it will take 3 months before your back is healed enough to start moving without the brace. Your physician should be monitoring your bone healing with periodic Xrays and be able to give you a more accurate estimate based on this.

    The pain is another thing. Some have long term back pain after an injury like yours. I assume from what you said that you did not have any surgical stabilization?


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    I had trouble walkin in the begining. I was in ICU for 4 days and then they gave me the brace and expected me to walk. It was hard the first week or so to walk without getting dizzy. I can walk now but not for a very long time without pain. They told me I will only wear this brace for 6 weeks but it has been 3 and I cant tell any difference.

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    T-12 Compression Fracture

    I fell on 11/6/06, I don't have the pain when I first injured my back but, the Vetebrae I injured has falled from 25% Compression to 90% Compression. I have pain from doing the smallest things. I went to pain management for awhile and I have been out of it since 10/31/08. My injury is a Workmen's Compensation so, I have a lifetime medical claim.

    I am heading back to pain management, my worker is working on that for me as we speak. I hate it but, I can't live with this pain all of the time. On my x-rays it still shows that I have a compression fracture. Do not let a doctor tell you the pain is going to totally go away because, at times, just doing house work about kills me. But, everyone is different.

    Good luck to all!

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    I am also experiencing pain that rotates from my back (where the T-12 Compression is located) to my left front right under my rib cage and in my left breast when I have been doing to much.
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    Own experience


    Before sharing my story with this audience, I would like to say that I read numerous posts on this site and sympathize with what you are going through. I would like to wish everyone the best recovery possible. It sounds like my experience is not as bad as some of the other stories.

    I’m in my early 30’s and physically fit. I fell off a mountain bike in mid-June 2009. I was riding on a log which was 3 feet above the ground. The fall was at low speed but I fell head first (broke the helmet) and caused multiple fractures to my spine due to all my weight coming down.

    As a result of my fall, I was immobilized and admitted to the hospital shortly after.
    Right away, the doctors were able to identified 3 fractures to my spine. The bulk of the damages were to my T5 which loss approx 25-30% of its height.

    At first, the medical staff debated whether I should get surgery. After being fit with a Jewit brace, I started walking around the hospital with supervision. After 6 days in the hospital, I was sent home. For two months, I stayed with my parents. During that period, it was recommended to keep my physical activities to a minimum (no running/jumping, avoid lifting anything weigthing more than 5lbs). I was on pain medicine for the first three weeks. I was told to reduce my dosage as quickly as possible.

    Dealing with the pain and not knowing how much progress you can actually make on your own made the first month the worse.

    After two months, I saw my doctor (spine surgeon) and he told me that I could start moderate exercices such as stationary bike. At the same time, I started working half days at work. It was good to focus on something else and being around people again.

    A month later, I was able to remove the brace and I was told to focus on strengthening the back muscles and getting some of the rotation back. After four months, I saw my doctor for the last time. He told that the shape of my spine had not changed since the accident. I was a little surprised that he didn’t recommend physiotherapy.

    Since my health plan covers it, I decided to go for it anyway. I noticed that the exercices prescribed by my physio and massage therapists did help. At this point, I’m told that it’s mostly a question of building again some sort of bio-mechanic.

    I still have lingering pain but nothing to prevent me from doing my normal activities.
    When I wake up in the morning is the worse but the pain diminishes significantly in the first half hour. I still have some minor inconvenience sitting in various chairs (my head does not reach the headrest): movie theater seat, airplane are some examples.

    Although I’m nowhere close to where I was before my accident, I’m definitely back on my feet and hope to get better with some more training.

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