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Thread: Compression Fracture of T12.

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    Update please.

    I am going through a similar ordeal as you had last year. So I was wondering how you are doing? I am 42 and on 8/18/07 I was bucked off my horse and I have a T 12 compression fracture. No real complications yet. Just wearing a back brace and taking pain killers. Are you riding again?

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    First of all: I'm from Holland so please forgive me my mistakes in English...

    But same here: also bucked of my horse. The result is also a T12 compression fracture. Today 7 weeks ago. I started PT last week. I can relate to the pain below the fracture you described. It feels like a electric shock now end then, not all the time. I have a brace which helps when I'm tired, with PT I am now trying to reduce the time I am wearing this corset.

    I'm not taking any pain killers and started a little riding again on my daughters pony (small pases and very secure). I think I was very lucky, things could have been much worse, as we all know. I hope in the future the pain below and aside the fracture will go away. I really like to hear from you all how you are doing...

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    Be very careful not to re-injure your self especially this close to the injury.


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    When I ride again I will start to wear a vest and helmet. How does it feel to ride. Is it painful? I'm not taking the pain killers now either. Thanks for the reply Manon.

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    I dont see a current update on your injury. I too has thrown from my horse and suffered a L1 fracture on Sept 4, 2007. I am in a brace and required no surgey, really soar and cant keep the fast paced schedule I am use to. It's been 3 weeks and I will go back to the nureosurgen on Oct 1st for new x-ray's. I recommend 2 things-be cautious about getting back on your hoses too soon, ground training is an excellent training tool while you recover. I had a helmet on but it didnt protect my back. We love our horses and cant bear the thought of not being able to ride but be wise and you will ride again. Get other opinions from other Dr's. until your satisifed. Stay the course and your horse will too!

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    Don't know yet.

    I have nothing to update yet. I see the doctor tomorrow and I will have an x-ray done. I have not been on the horses. I have been doing some ground work but I'm afraid that is a little strenous. I have not returned to work yet. I need no pain killers and I feel pretty good. I am being weend off the back brace.

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    Dr. appt.

    It's been 6 1/2 weeks and I am healing. I went to the Dr. 9/26 and the x-ray shows I'm healing. I will be returning to work 10/8/07. I'll be starting physical therapy in a week for two weeks. I will still be wearing the brace. I will see the doctor again on Oct. 31 and then two weeks after that and then I should be back to normal.

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    Karen, I hope you appreciate just how extremely lucky you are to have no neurologic deficit!


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    Hi there, I am a 30 y/o female and I have also suffered a T12 compression fracture (wedge) following a motorcycle accident. My accident occured in mid-august of this year and so far I seem to be healing well.

    I am being followed by a neuro surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon (specialized in back injuries) and have been told that I can start taking of the brace arround the house ( shower and for light activities) and I have to admit that after wearing the brace for 10 weeks this is a scary ordeal. I have also been instructed to start physio therapy to strengthen my back muscles so that in a month I can stop wearing the brace entirely (further X-rays will determine that).

    I have read this post carefully and realized that most of you seem to have come out of the brace after 6 or 7 weeks which is amazing. I was wondering how the person who originally posted is doing? I also would be very curious to hear about people who've suffered this type of injury, that have been treated with the brace, and how they are doing six months, a year or more following the incident.

    My doctors have told me that there is no neurological damages however with a wedged compression fracture there is always a chance of paralysis if the wedge angle continues to increase. They say that the chances of this happening can be very minimal however, its a risk that I have to be aware of.

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    I just found this site and have been reading the entries with interest. My accident took place August 19, 2007. I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light on my scooter. My T12 was fractured but I did not know it for a month because the emergency dept did not perform any xrays! When it was discovered, several doctors just about had a fit. Originally it was believed to be unstable across all three columns, and had burst 5mm into the spinal canal. I was put in a Jewitt brace for 9 weeks. In addition to the fracture, I had terrible muscle pain throughout my back, across my buttocks and in my abdomen.
    I was on Percocet for the first month then switched to Oxycontin which I am slowly weaning myself off of.
    I am interested to see that no one else has referred to taking such strong medicine. Has that information been omitted or am I in the minority taking the strong stuff? The Oxycontin is the main reason why I am still off is very difficult to concentrate while taking this stuff.
    Anyone out there in a similar position?
    My surgeon has said that he is certain that I will be able to be just as active as I was before...he does not predict any limitations to my activity. Given the fact that just readjusting my position in a chair can cause terrible pain to shoot through my back, I am not too confident.
    What kind of prognosis have you folks received? I'd like to get a sense of what I have to look forward to.

    Thanks, and good luck to you all!

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