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Thread: Compression Fracture of T12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gajumpr
    Can anyone recomend a back specialist in the ATL or Chattanooga area? I live half way between both.
    I would go to Sheperd Center in Atlanta and that is just my opinion since you are relatively close.

    good luck
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    Thanks, Ill give them a call and see when I can get in.

    Thanks all.

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    Be sure you see a neurosurgeon and a neurologist (preferably one who is both - and is a PN specialist).
    This has the potential for a chronic peripheral neuropathy nerve damage (PN) that will be a constant, and is not- at this time, curable.
    The feelings you've had - below the areas of injury, are classic PN symptoms.
    Bob B
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    I would recommend you contact Spectrum Neurological Specialists--they are located in Roswell, GA just outside of Metro Atlanta. They are located across the street from North Fulton Regional Medical Center (770) 664-9600. Northside of town which would be a better option. You may be able to get in Friday (best day to schedule). You have Drs. Weaver, Barnett, and Disch--all very reknowned. They are neurologists and neurosurgeons who are all accessible and they can get you in relatively quick.

    Shepherds can get very process driven and if you have not been there before it can be VERY process driven as you have not established a history with them. You have to be there 30 minutes before your appt. time. Show up 10 minutes late and you will be rescheduled. I saw them turn back a woman who had driven from Birmingham because she showed up ten minutes before her appointment time.

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    Thanks Wheelie...I have an appiontment Friday afternoon in Cumming with a Ortho surgen, Ill call the neuro place in Roswell tomorrow morning and see if I can get in Friday as well since I will already be close.

    thanks again for the advice, I really appreciate this.

    I am very lucky, I know, the fall could have been a lot worse...and i hate to think what could have happened if I wasnt wearing my helmet.

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    No prob. I am sure you don't want your site name to change to gawheelr. Good to see you are not procrastinating.

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    Red face GA Doctor

    I would like to reply to your request for a good back doctor in GA. I would highly recommend Dr. Princewill Ehirim (Neurosurgeon) in Lawrenceville, GA. He is not a "knife happy" surgeon and will try all options before surgery. I have a T-12 compression fracture after a 15 foot fall and I have been dealing with this for 3 years now. I also have nerve damage which causes alot of burning in my thighs and I also have tremendous pain in my hips and buttocks. I have been getting Steroid Epidurals through a pain management clinic which only seem to provide temporary help. Dr. Ehirim decided against surgery for me because he said that my fracture is stable and hs really does not know if surgery would be of help to me and could possibly cause more damage. Right now, I am in limbo because I am so tired of the temporary fixes that I am getting and I want so badly to get a permanent solution to this pain. I am most impressed with Dr. Ehirim and how he is not too quick to do surgery.

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    I have the same injury as you: anterior compression fracture of the T12. Mine was 30% height loss of the T12. I was 29 when I fell last July and, as a result, had this injury in addition to a shattered wrist. My doc put me in the back brace for three months and I started the PT about 3 weeks after the accident. Yes, I have the same results with my X-rays: No change. In fact, I just had one the other day, and still no improvement has been shown. However, the doc says this is normal. I was very upset whenever he told me there was "no change," but I now understand that that just means that it's not getting worse and that I have not regained the height. I hope this helps.

    I would like to hear more from you as you recover, because I am curious as to how young people can expect to recover from this. I was a marathon runner before the accident, and I have heard conflicting things about whether or not I will ever run again. Please keep me posted.

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    Hi from Portland, Oregon. I just wanted to thank you for this website. I recently fell and have a T12 compression fracture. finding information on the web to school myself a bit was very frustrating. I run a very busy high end restaurant and not a Dr. or med student Just reading through the posts here assured me that my ER Doc did the right things ( CT Scan, body brace, etc) and the Neurosurgeon they referred me to is positive that over the next 3 months, xrays every 2 weeks, to see if the % displacement changes will show if I will be up and taking awesome care of my guests within 6 weeks or out for much longer with surgery. I am old enough to know that if I push it I am the one that loses. I would like to continue skiing, fly fishing and wrestling with my grandsons. I will definitely be watching this thread to see how you all are doing and signs to watch for. Again, Thanks for Being available!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gajumpr
    Can anyone recomend a back specialist in the ATL or Chattanooga area? I live half way between both.
    There's only one neurosurgical group in Chattanooga. If you have an injury in Chattanooga, you go with what you've got. It's what I had to do so I was hooked up a neurosurgeon here for emergency surgery in '93.

    I recommend Atlanta, Shepherd in particular. Check the online site to see about a referral. Give them a call. Your doctor/current employer will probably have to refer you to get you in. Seems you could have a bigger problem than your current doctor is capable of handling.

    Let us know how it goes.

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