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Thread: Compression Fracture of T12.

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    Patty, I am very concerned that you are not seeing either an orthopedic spine specialist or a neurosurgeon for another 2 weeks. Compression that is prolonged can cause permanent damage to the cord or nerve roots. You may need bracing, surgery, or even bedrest to heal properly. Please push to get seen sooner.


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    Well, I am very late posting to this subject. I am 66 years old and luckily do NOT have osteoporosis.
    In December 2010 I had a very bad fall in the bathroom of the hospital I was in at the time. The pain was excruciating. They took an x-ray immediately which showed nothing. I was hospitalized until the middle of January and was finally able to see my Pain Management doctor. He ordered a CT scan which showed a compression fracture at T12 with 1/3 loss of vertebral body height. There are other issues as well, a lesion in T12 and an inferior endplate fracture, most likely from the tumor.

    I have been in continuous pain since the fall in the area where I hit the lip of the shower stall. I was never in a brace, but in bed for just about a month after the fall (in the hospital).

    I had pain meds in the hospital and gentle PT. I just asked my doctor for pain meds again because the pain is going through the roof. Both the inside of my thighs are numb, legs are weak. However, the numbness and weakness could originate in the lumbar area, where all 5 disks are herniated.

    Next Tuesday I will have a biopsy, as well as the cement injection to stabilize the bone. Has anyone had this done? The whole idea makes my skin crawl!

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    Fell at supermarket

    Hi I slipped and fell on some Blueberries at my local supermarket, (not allowed to say the name).Three weeks ago. It took two weeks for my Dr to give me a correct answer from my fall. I have a mild compressed fracture on my T12. I started by going to my chriopractor, then acupuncter. I am still wearing my brace, and as I dislocated my kneecap at the same time, I'm in a leg brace as well. I was told not to go back to work as I do heavy lifting. I'm taking serraflaxyme, a natural antiflamatory.
    As well as bone up, to speed up the calcium to my bone. I'm 61 and normally swim 3 days a week. Plus a 20 min.walk everyday. My symptoms are going away, My back hurts when I sit all the time. I guess it's just a matter of time and rest is the best way to recover.

    Quote Originally Posted by gajumpr View Post
    I'm sorry if I wasnt too clear, and if I posted this in the wrong place.

    At this time, I have had no surgerys, injections, or therapy. I have been in a brace since the Wednesday after the accident, it appened on a Monday evening.

    The first 3 days I was unable to have a bowel movement, but that could very well be from the stress and the pain meds. I was also told that as soon as I felt like it, to get up and move around as much as I could stand. So, being the hard headed woman I am, I was only out of work for 4 days, and of course I was back at the barn on Friday of that week...I HAD to check on the horse after all.

    In the fist few weeks I had no real "side effects"...I mean, I was in pain and couldnt do anything on my own, get up, walk, sit, etc. The brace made me able to get moving, although slowely.

    About 2 weeks ago I felt a pain on my left side, lower than the injury. I thought maybe i just over did it, then, it came down the back of my left leg and into my foot. It felt like someone was tickling my foot. Then, it went away. The Dr dissmissed it because it was lower than my injury.

    Two days later it became impossible for me to sleep. My feet, both feet, had the same feeling. This only seemed to happen at night when I layed flat out on my back or side, ( I am unable to sleep on my stomach at this point.)

    Once again I told the Dr and he perscribed something for restless leg, he said that this could be my bodies way of releasing energy, since I am normally an active person and I havent been since I fell. He also gave me some stretches to do before bed. When I do those, I feel the pain on my left side, in the same spot.

    I couldnt tell you when the last time I had more than 4 hours of sleep was. I get very stiff and sore after just a few hours, which didnt happen until a couple of weeks ago.

    From what i have read and heard from other horse people who have had these injuries...I should have been on bed rest a little longer, and not allowed to return to work so soon. I have also been told that this takes time and I should expect to stay off a horse for a year...and even after then, it may be hard on me to jump.

    My concern is that this is going to plague me the rest of my life if I dont get correct info and treatment. I'm 27 and have been riding/training horses all of my life.

    I think, because I can not physically see a change in the x-rays, I am jumping the gun on thinking something is really wrong.

    anyones input on these injuries would be great.

    I was wearing a helmet, thank goodness.

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    19 months ago, i fell thru a roof. fell 32'. suffered a broken vertebra in my neck, herniated disc at over 1cm. 6 staples in the back of my head. and a severe compression fracture to my t12. i recently had surgery to remove the disc in my neck and take out part of the vertebra that was broken off. im still recovering from this surgery. but i also have several bulging disc in my lower back below my t12, and there are days when i cant even stand up straight. within the last year, it has only gottten worse. feels like i have a disc slipping out of line in my back and catching a nerve, which in turn, makes me fall to the floor. it started out only happening about once a month. now it happens on a daily basis. i have to watch every step i make cause that next step may put me on the ground. i cant even take my garbage out or even lift a gallon of milk cause it tweaks my back. is this something that im gonna deal witht the rest of my life? my dr currently has me on NUCYNTA, but im not one to take pain meds. id rather suffer the pain than tkae meds the rest of my life. is there anyhting they can do? im a carpenter by trade. been swinging a hammer since i was 6 years old. i am now 33. and as my dr says, my building career is pretty much over

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    You need to see a doctor and the worst thing you need is to fall and make things worse and possibly permanent paralysis. Sometimes buglging discs can go back in and you can get better but you have several problem areas in your spine.

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    Multiple spinal trauma

    27 yr old (M), Trauma to thoracic vertebral (T-10) Compression fracture around 50 percent, Has 6.5 percent scoliosis (ThoracicLumbar), 2 Herniations, (T10-11) & (L5), Anular tear of (T9), Mild Lordosis (Lumbar & Cervicle), Kyphosis as well, Degenerative disc disease. 2.5 Degree twist of atlas. What are my options?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abearbd View Post
    27 yr old (M), Trauma to thoracic vertebral (T-10) Compression fracture around 50 percent, Has 6.5 percent scoliosis (ThoracicLumbar), 2 Herniations, (T10-11) & (L5), Anular tear of (T9), Mild Lordosis (Lumbar & Cervicle), Kyphosis as well, Degenerative disc disease. 2.5 Degree twist of atlas. What are my options?
    you need to see a spine doctor, that's your options, and maybe see 2 or 3 of them........

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    Exclamation SCI-Nurse....

    i had a t12 burst fracture in july - now recovering. i have screws in t10, t11, t12 & l1; spine was swollen & bruised (guessing thats the SCI??) and nerves are i'm told by docs.

    when i go out of the hospital i was using a walker, now using a cane and AFO on right calf to foot. I have very little movement in my right ankle right now, but have a smidgen of lift and can flick my toes in my right foot. i have more flexibility in my left foot, but still have some pins&needles (not numbness cause i can feel it if touched) in my left foot.

    I'm aware that injuries are different, everyone's recovery depends on how much effort is put into it and influenced by many other factors...but...i'm currently going to PT 3x/week, seeing an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a urologist and a neurologist.
    At the beginning of 2012, i plan to join the gym and take some pool therapy and work out with a trainer on machines that are offered to all members out of the training area where i currently have PT.
    My PT says theres nothing to speed the nerve regeneration up. If there anything that produces a negative affect on nerve regeneration - such as moving wrong or doing to much, resting to much vs. not enough??!

    i appreciate any info that can be provided from ppl who have experienced something similar + experts.

    Whats the possibility of full recovery - cause i'm not writing that off!!

    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon

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    Your therapist is right. Currently, there are no legitimate therapies that speed up or cause central nervous system regeneration, nor faster healing of peripheral nerve damage (such as cauda equina or root injuries). It takes at least 2 years to see how much you will ultimately get back. The longer you go without complete return, the less likely it is that it will be your ultimate outcome.

    That doesn't help much when you are looking at it from the injured person's perspective, I know, but that is as much as we can say currently until legitimate and effective cure technologies are developed and tested.


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    i'm doing as much as i can.

    thanks nurse :0)
    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon

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